cad cameron shuts down press tv – smacks of war coming our way

Glasgow has been quite mild lately after a rainy summer full of giant slugs larger than the largest high rise in Glasgow – eeeks. i am not kidding honestly they are larger than i have ever seen them must be all those nematodes i used regularly over the summer which were supposed to have killed them just helped them grow like giants.  Not only that but Scottish rats are eating away our cables so some parts of scotland had no tv or phone cos the rats ate the cables – eeeks wonder if they are robotic rats cos they aint eating no real food unless the wires are made of leather or some such.  Not only that but up north aye not that far “high-activity” radiation was found at Dalgety Bay beach which according to sepa are “cause for concern”.  eeks whats going on radiation on the beach here who’s dumped something or what is leaking ?

So the latest news well the Palestinians had a bid at the UN and guess what – yep you’ve guessed it has been stowed away quietly until it is no longer remembered and is a distant memory so that more land can be stolen all under the name of security and more people massacred, more masjids and churches and graves torched.  Interesting report apparently from Shin Bet that Jewish terror networks were not only flourishing in the hothouses of the West Bank’s settlements but growing bolder because of this impunity.

Not only that but Cad Cameron our PM leader of the conservatives have shut down Press TV- smacks of war on its way to a British soldier near you (no more of our troops should be sent to an illegal war)  this time in a far far away country called Iran, but remember the conservatives did vote to go to war to Iraq in its entirety.  Yet racist Fox news is allowed on sky news and is not shut down.  Surely we the British people should be allowed to watch different views of the world and make up our own minds (and not be spoon fed idiocy) and decide from all the views what is the truth and what is utter bollocks.

Talking about bollocks imagine the astonishment heard by many when the news of a mexican drug cartel chappie (oops nope not mexican but a fbi informant/agent) and an american irani tried to bomb/assassinate a saudi ambassador in the USA.  mmmm why would iran hire a druggie is beyond belief.  Sounds a bit like a comical comedy show – yep smacks of war on the way.  Definitely a concerted effort by the west to replicate the wmd of iraq under the guise of a phony druggy bomb to a third rate fat arrogant pompous saudi in the usa.  Why the saudi in the usa is what we should be asking?  Sounds like a wee plot to take away from the occupy wall street so that they will stop their plots against the american rich and greedy and fall down in feint at such a heinous plot on their soil- sound like a country we know who does that regularly?

So all our hard earned tax paying money instead of being used for our own country and people to create jobs, research to excel in r&d,  nhs, giving more to the pensioners and for banks to loan to small business and making our economy go round in a circle of hope and good economy we will be paying to kill innocents in a far far away land called iran.

I almost forgot the Occupy Wall Street people in the thousands not yet the hundred’s of thousands but soon soon – have been causing consternation in their wee country called america.  Aye they’ve been protesting night and day against the greed of the wee rich people and their poor bankers who after minting fortunes off the backs of the poor peasants have caused global recession by teaching others their illegal methods of extracting money from the poor all under the guise of aiding them.  Not only that the non stop wars which just seem to go on and on and on with no end no win just billions spent on bombing foreign countries with hard earned dollars has peeved them all off as so many are without jobs and more and more are becoming poorer than third world countries. Yep the poor protestors have been maced, beaten up and hundreds of them put into prison – wow even in the land of the free there is no democracy but dictatorial democracy reigns who would have thought!

the protest has moved to over 1700 cities and guess what it aint reported by any news agency in the USA except rarely but it is in Press TV.  What is really interesting is the fact that the ordinary American people have been asleep for so long with no connect to reality until they got betrayed by those they thought were helping them and now are slowly awakening to the fact that the America of their dreams and what they were educated to believe as true is actually a lot of old crap and lies.  Aaah dont you just love it when awakenings happen and righteousness and morality, but the fairer kind not the far right winged kind which kills, dawns on populations and they arise from their deep deep sleep to an awakening called freedom and democracy aye the wee americans are getting their roar back against the neo cons slowly slowly but the spark has been set. lets see what happens on this yellow brick road

Quick question how do you eat in zero gravity without it floating away?

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