blustery day and an impounded fire engine by Israel and a potty bike

well it certainly has become much colder very blustery and icy wind = though no snow today in Glasgow.  They say maybe tomorrow but it sure has become colder.  Not only that but there was a huge hole at the corner of union street and gordon street in front of central station think it was the burst pipe from the weekend the water company was repairing but it sure was a huge hole.  Of course means that the traffic will be awful until it is repaired eeks.

The fire engine which Dundee fire brigade donated to the Palestinians in the West Bank has been impounded by the Israeli’s just like when the Gaza convoy went to Gaza and the fire engines donated were not allowed in by the Israeli’s.  That is so disgusting if it had been the other way around everyone would be called anti-semite and the hullaballoo would have been heard all over the world and how they the israeli’s are hard done by.  Aye Right!

Not only that but the high court in Israel has ruled against the prisoner exchange for shalit so where does that leave both parties?  Only tomorrow can tell if it actually goes ahead or not.

Doctor Who is most the popular kids TV show toy line can you believe it as i would have thought it would have been star wars?  Apparently 33% of children own a Dr Who Toy and then next in line was spongebob square pants.

a new bank called shawbrooke has opened up for sme’s to lend them money and independent aye that’s right – another shyster bank unless it can offer something more realistic and worthwhile instead of being driven by greed.  Funny that how once people start getting money they start becoming meaner – one cannot take the money with us when we die – we arrive with nothing and we leave with nothing so instead of hoarding it they should spend it for the good of people.  Suppose that’s what makes the world tick all the diversity in people otherwise it sure would be a boring old world.

Oh forgot apparently a japanese loo maker has created a bike that runs on poo – yep even the seat is in the shape of a loo – yikes would anyone actually do their business whilst out on their bike in public in front of everyone yucky yucky.  luckily enough it doesn’t work that way otherwise it would be so disgusting especially if the wee bike had an accident and guess what yep flying poo across the road.  Anyway it runs on compressed livestock waste and household wastewater.

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