thugs united erm or should we say egyptian police thugs united

Glasgow of course has been very rainy and windy today – awaiting for the snow, rain, sleet to arrive – means no gardening this weekend.

What a surprise the pro-Mubarak thugs were out within minutes of his surreal speech last night.  Today the running battles between the very well armed thugs against the peaceful anti-Mubarak demonstrators was incedibly sad.  Not only that but so many of the thugs who were captured guess what they had police IDs on them – so who sent them well my guess would be old pressie Mubarak and his new vpressie suleiman (the ex head of secret police).

Molotov cocktails. guns. swords, charging camels and horses, large rocks and so much other armour were hurled at the peaceful anti-government demonstrators.  My question is how did they manage to get through with all the armoury without the army knowing about it?  Not only that but the army just stood still and watched the carnage happen and did nothing?  Whose side are they on?  certainly not that of any Egyptians?  What plan are they following – some kind of strange russian roulette that has not reached their senses yet to get them to do something and stop the violating thugs.

Mubarak is turning to his true colours and doing exactly what he has always done – intimidate and kill his own people willy nilly with no remorse aided by suleiman and his ilk.  More than 1,500 people were injured today – no ambulances for hours and a temporary hospital was set up in a masjid in Cairo.

What was interesting is that fact that the air force flying the helicopters were giving thumbs up and waving to the pro-Mubarak thugs.  Well Mubarak did put as the prime minister the head of the airforce.

So my question is – will there be a stand-off between the army and the airforce in Egypt?

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