quantum worlds apart – so far mentally and yet so close physically

Glasgow is certainly getting colder lots of rain yesterday and today sun and in some places huge hailstones – so will it snow on thursday or friday here or not?

Well after hearing the speech of Mubarak all one can assume is that not only is he living in a parallel world but the puppet masters are still pulling his strings otherwise where else would he be getting the notion that he can stay until the next elections in September and his party too and of course he will change the constitution etc.  Yeah sure he will.  Wonder what he is on – certainly not something legal.  His grasp of the situation was very surreal.  Of course he now wants to die in Egypt – I suppose a prison cell can be accomodated for him.

What a stark contrast from all the Egyptians who are out on the streets –  8 million today – quantums apart mentally and yet so near physically to each other.  Alexandria  and Cairo tonight there are scenes of protestors and those who are pro-mubarak clashing and firing being heard.  Wonder if the pro-mubarak demonstrators are police thugs paid – funny how they have come out now!

In the meantime the Western governments with the aid of their so called ‘democratic’ press and tv channels are shrilling hysterically islamophobia.  We have the likes of Glenn Beck of Fox News scaring those whose IQs surely cannot be more than IQ40 – that Islam is taking over and that France, Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy along with the UK have become caliphates!  This from a news channel who showed the map of Iraq and renamed it Egypt!  Even put Egypt in the wrong continent! Must have been one seismic shift that went unnoticed by the world!  How do i know this have just been reading about the latest scare tactics,  on the internet news channels and forums, by them of course sanctioned by their government, Mubarak’s puppet masters.

So far the military have not fired against their own people – which is good but how long will this last?  They will need to take sides soon and one prays that they will take the side of anti-mubarak protestors.  Let us hope they keep their cool and arrest all the pro-mubarak protestors who have suddenly materialised after Mubarak’s surreal speech.

Quick question would any of Mubarak’s puppet master countries militaries refuse to shoot their own people?

Such a different revolution than Tunisians.

Needless to say Mubarak’s speech did not go down well with the protestors.  Mmm I wonder why – could it be because his grasp of the world as he knows it is different to that of the Egyptians ?!

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