2011 – Year of the North African and Mid-East Revolutions – or should we say regime changes

Glasgow is hopefully getting warmer can see the crocuses coming up – lovely yellows and purples and the bulb shoots have made their presence known springing from a cold winter into milder weather.

Well upheavals are afoot this year.  Already we have had several regime changes in North Africa and the most bloodiest of all Libya is in progress.  Despots of the world beware you are next!  Looks like the old cold war style dictators are not only way past their retirement age but de passe, though going by their face lifts and dyed hair you’d think they were trying to relive a bygone age.

Egyptians have shown the world the way on peaceful demonstrations – might of the people is mightier than the mightiest army on earth.  When you are no longer scared then everything is possible.  In Libya even with all the bombings, machine gun splatterings, aerial raids on the protestors by Gaddafi and his hired henchmen nothing has deterred the protestors from continuing their protesting.  Gadaffi who had kept his army weak and ill trained and weak to stop any kind of military coup against him now finds many of them on the side of the protestors even many of his own ministers and diplomatic staff.

How can such a man justify in his own twisted mind such carnage on other human beings and he quotes the Quran saying ‘who ever kills another human being it is as if he has killed all of humanity’ .  So who does he think he is?  Invincible?  No one is invincible no matter who they are.

Interesting the words coming out of Clinton ‘stop bloodshed now’  ‘unacceptable bloodshed’ – why does she not just come out and say stop the slaughter of your people which sounds more powerful than nampy pampy ‘bloodshed’ as if he has just given them a wee bloody nose thump.

See that the UK have said that they may have to use their gunships to get UK citizens out – good on them but problem is they could end up escalating and widening the theatre of Gaddaffi’s operations further afield which is something they need to think of especially if Gaddaffi’s money buys lots of hired mercenaries.  Interesting to see though that they are called mercenaries not the word ‘terrorists’.  So when did mercenaries come back into fashion or is it because they are not muslims the mercenaries or muslim enough for them to be labelled under that category?

Gadaffi want’s to die a martyr – erm i think he’s missed the boat on that one – killing your own folk to stay in power and persecute and torture them does not figure in martrydom nor do suicide bombers, by the way.  Methinks someone has been taking too much sun or should we say facelifts.

Ah the infamous Arab League – where are they now – fat, probably very flatulent, old gits who just party it up in nice hotels (you know away from the wife etc) all in the name of meeting to save their nations from bad people and at the same time being dictated to by the western powers.  Yes we can see how well they have done for the Palestinians – zilch.  No teeth just soft gums.  So of course all they have done is suspend Libya – could it be because they are all scared for their own seats of power which are beginning to dwindle methinks with all the goings on in the region.

A new world order is appearing in the despotic lands propped up by the west – looks like a more interesting world is appearing which could actually create a counter balance to all the anti-muslim rhetoric and the muscleings of the super powers in both the west and asia.  Certainly intereting times are afoot if real democracy is allowed to materalise and not another despotic regime propped up by the latest emperialists looking to make their mark globally.

Forgot – sky news – surprise surprise have put on the scrolling news that Israel is allowing palestinians from libya to return to the palestinian territories – as if that is such a big thing and trying to show how wonderful and humanitarian they are.  Aye right!  So similar to when they did the same when the Israeli’s were in Haiti and that sure backfired mightily.  Very petulant of them cos they are not the centre of attention in the news in the Mid East more like – tsk tsk tsk.  Do they think people are stupid and do not see through it?  Ah nothing changes – once abad wolf always a bad wolf – methinks regime change sounds good in the good old land of zionism?  Interesting whenever the world’s attention is  elsewhere the Israeli’s always bomb gaza or beat and kidnap palestinians.


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