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Glasgow is getting colder – was hoping to do some gardening well turning soil but it was still frozen!  Received a lot of flower orders and chilli orders last week so bought some seeds and hopefully within next few weeks will start planting the seeds.

Watching the news about Egypt the last few days shows that people power can be so powerful that fear of reprisals, death and beatings are no deterrent to those who seek justice for themselves and their people from tyrants and despots.

Can see the Americans are still pulling their puppets strings:


People of Egypt – GET OUT MUBARAK

Mubarak – will stay, will sack cabinet and change and give more freedom

American government – stop hurting protestors, respect human rights of people (interesting choice of words by Clinton)


People of Egypt – GET OUT MUBARAK

Mubarak – reshuffles cabinet – makes suleiman (remember him from his years of helping CIA rendition flights, torture, keeping Gazans in their prison?) as VP which is a new post and other members have changed post too.  Will protect Egypt and its people.

American rightwing plus members of their government – shrilling that Al Qaeda and Taliban is behind it and also Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and Islam is in Egypt – are they idiots?  It is a majority Muslim country for goodness sake!

So what have we learnt from all this?  Well the army general came back from America cutting short his visit.  The army so far have not fired nor proclaimed exactly where their allegiance is and Mubarak’s thugs have started to loot and blaming the protestors so that they can proclaim that they are the only viable stooges in the land. So is the army quiet because they are following Washington’s and Mubarak’s  orders not to cause too many deaths and shootings so that it looks like they are showing humanitarianism and understanding for the protestors?  American military and Egyptian military are very close as well as the general in charge of Egyptian military is a great friend of Israel – me sees lots of strings being pulled here.

Also if the army does respond by shooting live ammunition etc at the protestors they know that everything would turn ugly and quite possibly into another Iraq quagmire with no stability plus their puppet masters may not like it publically to show all the bloodshed and killings that would ensue as it would not look good and the condemnations worldwide would follow faster than a cyclone hitting a building.  They are struck between a rock and a hard place and will need to make up their minds soon – Mubarak – egyptian people – or their puppet masters.

By shuffling his cabinet his strings are still being pulled by the Americans who have declared that the aid will be cut off if Mubarak and his ilk still do not continue their rule.   Just listening to the american democrat Mcdermott on tv ‘everyone in america is surprised as they are such a good US ally’ – yep just look to see how much help Egypt gave to them in torturing american enemies and of course helping Israel continue their apartheid policies and putting under the carpet the fact that Egyptians were being treated badly and tortured and were starving – blimkered sight the Americans have to their allies – or more like rose tinted eyesight.

Looks like there is no change just same old same old so far in the current regime.

Only this summer people coming back from Egypt have been muttering that there is unrest and it is ripe for a revolution – it was in the air and soon.

Rather than a Berlin moment it is more like a Gandhi moment.  The protestors are mostly peaceful and even tonight are doing the job of the police within Cairo rather than looting.   The looters caught turned out to be Mubarak’s thugs – police officers!  Surprise Surprise.

Mubarak so far has had the Saudi King and of course Abbas giving their solidarity and support to the brutal regime.

El Baradai has come back and was out on Friday but has not left his residence today Saturday – why not if he is there to show his solidarity to the protestors?

Friday internet and mobiles – in coalition with T Mobile and Orange and others and in collaboration with Narus (a sinister American telecoms security company with many Israelis and recently Ukranians on board) all helped in cutting off the internet and mobiles in Egype as well as stopping twitter and facebook.  Egyptians managed to get around by using satellite and of course the old fashioned – dial up internet service to get through as well as other means.

What is worrying is that there are more and reports coming out of people being shot and killed.

Listen to your people Mubarak and stop being a puppet and resign and the whole of your NDP too – only that will appease the protestors.

Will Egypt be able to get away from their puppet masters the West who will not allow them to ever have a muslim government or government whom they deem not to their liking?  Surely it is up to the Egyptians who rules them and who is best for them in the short and long term not what is best for other countries who pull strings of dictators to do their bidding against their own.  So far the West have been saying they will not accept any muslim government – is’nt mubarak a so called muslim?  Puppet masters have not said the word ‘democracy’ yet – very telling?

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