a false Nobel peace award – former presidents agreements not valid

Glasgow is much milder now and today the Scottish Government published on the commonwealth 2014 website a competition for all scottish students to enter and create a computer game relevant to the games.  Prize is £2014.

A false noble peace prize awarded to the most pro-israeli president ever.  Hopes so quickly shattered when the obamarama boat sailed in and any chance of a lasting peace sailed out and landed in Never Never Land never to be seen again.  No glimpse seen nor gleaned just the arrival of the puppet maker Mitchell pulling strings tighter for the Palestinians and looser for the Israelis.  Interesting reading tonight of the Palestine Papers release on Al Jazeera about the roles of the shameful American so-called honest brokering partners.  Especially since it has come out that anything agreed by the former President Bush no longer ‘matters’ or as one should say ‘nul and void’.  So does that mean any peace treaty or decisions  made by former Presidents are all nul and void and new treaties must be remade and decisions/agreements every time a new president arrives on the scene?  Certainly will keep them all busy scrambling and scurrying around making sure the right agreement according to their pms levels are kept.

Condi Rice wanting to send Palestinian Refugees to South America.  Is this not how the mess was created in the first place in Palestine?  Have the South Americans been asked if they are willing to give their land to the Palestinians?  Is the South American land like the previous Palestinian land devoid of any inhabitants?  is that truly so!  Is south American land expendable?  Funny how other peoples land is so expendable isn’t it?

This is truly sad as all credibility that the Americans ever had is now nul and void and who is going to listen to the Americans again when they talk about other countries and their behaviours and abuses.  Cos people will be thinking why bother listen to the American administration they talk one thing and do another so they will continue shrugging off American dronings in their ears.  The American people do not deserve this – are they expendable do you think as well?    Seems like it as America is slowly falling into a fascist state by stealth a bit like their stealth bombers.  As an outside observer it is so easy, and reading so much also others can see it too worldwide (just do a read on the Internet or papers in recent months)  to see but those who live in America are too involved and if they just stepped out and looked closely in they will realise it.  But they will never be given the chance methinks.  Like most totalitarian states all will be locked down and only enough information be allowed to filter through under the guise of free press / freedom of information to grab via the internet.

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