too cold for salty grit, political arrest, payments a no-no-no and more American knickers in a twist

Well it is freezing about -12 here in Glasgow, snow is about 20cm and the poor cars keep stalling and having to be pushed down backwards on our wee street.  Lots of people took about 2-5 hours of hard walking to get home last night plus hundreds were still stuck early this morning on the motorways, having spent all night out in the cold.  This morning the post office in town on St Vincent Street closed at 2pm to allow people to go home early as some of the post office staff walked for about 2 hours just to get in.  Looks like there may be a thaw by the end of the week and guess what yep yep yep cold/snow will start again next week he he he.  Too cold for salt to work but not grit.

The poor wee Christmas market in town looked lonely yesterday and today with most people avoiding the cold and slippery snow – eeeks.

Really interesting new website which has a database of all the sick Children admited in Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow from 1883 until 1903.  Quite a fascinating history of poisoning and poverty in Victorian Glasgow.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is now in prison – arrested for political motives methinks – hope he is safe where he is and no harm comes to him.  What was interesting was the fact that people like Ken Loach, Jon Pilger, Jemima Khan and two others were willing to put up bail for him – people who did not know him but believed in what he is doing and done.  Hurray for some sort of sanity in a bitter twisted american knickered world.

A French judge declined to force OVH to shut down the Wikileaks server.  Let’s see where this goes over the next few days?

The American twisted knicker saga or oops our underpants are exposed we gotta hide it before our own people learn about it or in sane language cablegate has arrived

Today Mastercard and Visa have said they will refuse for their cards to be used for funding Julian Assange and Wikileaks but guess what they sure are happy to have their cards used by the racist and murderous KKK, neo-nazis, and other groups.  I don’t see Wikileaks doing any racist or murderous things!  So two more have joined in the ridiculous hysteria outcry against Wikileaks with a no-no-no payment will come through us cos we are drones.

Just remember guys cash is king or oops they gonna withdraw that then the governments and banks – eeeks.  Gold is good too but a bit heavy – or will that be bought out and incarcerated with the cash?

Today Cad Cameron and Karzai was asked by a journalist about what was revelead by Wikileaks that Karzai found the British useless and ineffective and guess what he denied it and Cad Cameron rabbited on about how in the beginning it may have been true cos not enough troops were there!  Eh you silly cad why are you dissing your own troops who were fighting and got killed then?  They not worth anything?  Think before you speak you twit instead of insulting those poor troops.

American hysteria is pulsating and not yet at a crescendo along the shocking lines of  ‘anything less than execution is too kind a penalty’  (some chappie called huckabee), ‘hunt him down like Osama Bin Laden’ (right winger Sarah Palin), ‘assassinate him’ (prof tom flanagan, canadian adviser to Harper the Sharpner, the creeep), Australians wanting to take away his passport and on and on and on.  Sounds so much like extremist talk to me, no less and no more – well maybe a bit more as we will surely hear and read over the coming days and months from their mouths.

So what American laws has he committed – none as far as I am aware but apparently they are devising ways across the pond to change their laws to prosecute him.  Nothing like a little diddling of democratic laws to follow the laws of despots to make them sleep better at night at their version of righteousness while the rest of the world’s poor and sane worry about what is going to happen to them next.

Tonights news is about the Saudis who wanted to invade Lebanon – but as we all know they have been so indoctrinated by American policy for years that they wouldn’t know the difference between right and wrong no matter how less paranoid they are.    No wonder they want to thump Iran, Lebanon, Hezbolla they have no free thinking at all.  Instead of their preaching time they learnt exactly what their religion actually preaches and practice it properly.

No matter what they do more leaks will come out – long live the brave.

Forgot the FBI has issued subpoenas against anti-war pro-Palestinian activists in Chicago – mmm what a surprise looks like the hand of AIPAC somewhere with lots of bakshish being handed out to kill democracy and to do what is right.  sounds familiar?

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