the big ‘I’, what snow men, those lying ‘Times’ editors

Waiting for the predicted snow to arrive – though not all of the last lot has yet melted in places but we have had a few days of cloud and sun and very very cold weather.  Of course with the snow on it’s way there will definitely be more snowmen around the neighbourhood and around the country.  Some poor chappie died after trying to rob a place and got his leg impaled on a fence and was not found for three days.  Apparently he must have had companions with him, according to the police, and guess what they must have left him cos if he had been found earlier then he could have been saved instead of freezing – though they do say crime does not pay but this is taking it to the extreme.

So how many people voted in The Times person of the year poll?  You got robbed cos if you look at the results it definitely is not the chappie from facebook anywhere near the top three- so what does that say about The Times?  Just shows you don’t bother voting its rigged from the start.

Ah the big ‘I’ word – well the chappie who blew up a bomb in Sweden recently it is said he got radicalised in the UK – but if you look at his background guess where one of his former girlfriends were from ?  yes  a certain apartheid country in the middle east, or should we call them the only democratically morally correct country in the region.  You are probably wondering what’s so important but wait just wait.  Then we have the assasination in Dubai, big ‘I’ was involved.  The trafficking of organs in Haiti, Palestine, Kosovo (currently case being heard there) – seems to go back to the big ‘I’, even and this has been recorded and documented by the American tv news agencies that during the 9/11 attach there were some people from the big ‘I’ who were shown celebrating and this was reported.  But guess what cos it was the big ‘I’ it was hidden.  Seems to be a nice wee pattern evolving here and there are so many other instances too.  Too much peace and start becoming pro palestinian then guess what trouble is heading your way from the big ‘I’.  Another example is one of the women accusing Julian Assange guess what she has disappeared to the big ‘I’?

So what conclusions can we draw ?  I leave it to your intelligence to check out facts and find more instances where mischief, mayhem and murder has turned up thanks to the big ‘I’.

Talking about Wikileaks it seems that the US Air force has banned its troops from reading the New York Times as well as the Guardian.  Is that not unAmerican being banned from reading your own countries newspaper?  What is the world coming to or should we say what is democracy coming to?

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