snow forecast hurray – cablegate and Qatar – more killings in Gaza and West Bank

Well just when one thought that the snow was gone guess what it will be back hurray hurray – only problem is that the frozen compacted snow is still there ah well with the soft stuff should make it ok to walk methinks, not sure.  Did not venture out today but hope the car will work cos have not driven it for over a week – driveway is on a steep incline so the car wont go back if i take on the road.

Well have been reading some of the latest wikileaks cablegate about qatar and al – jazeera and the usa.  Pesonally the Emir was trying to do a good thing by giving incentives to the horrible Egyptian leadership if they would help with a real peace between the Palestinians and Israel.  Instead of the phony peace they are always talking about but then stabbing the Palestinians in the back and  being lackeys of Israel, their willy.  Then of course trying to negotiate peace and giving advise on how to to the Americans for Palestine.  So they have nothing to be ashamed off.  Even if they did use al jazeera as a bargaining chip at least they did not use more money to go into the Egyptian leaderships pockets.  Why do these people not realise we enter the world with nothing and we leave with nothing so what will this avail them with when they are dead?  From all the Arab states only Qatar comes out wanting to find a solution to the Palestinians the others are corrupt paranoid geezers only interested in nothing of consequence.

Wikileaks are now back online at and have a list of WikiLeaks official censorship resistant mirrors:  If you can help them please do donate to Wikileaks to protect them and their sites.

Whilst the Wikileaks has been occupying many people and governments and countries Israel has continued their murderous quest to steal land and kill as many Palestinians as possible.  It is so disgusting and sick.  Apparently the Israeli’s had a huge fire which killed some people and destroyed some houses near Carmel – I had no sympathy for them as I can still recall images of  all those Palestinian policemen on tv who were killed on the first day of the Gaza onslaught two years ago.

Read an interesting article saying that the Wikileaks leak may actually have come from AIPAC.  Apparently they were caught spying in America and had promised the return of thousands of records to the Americans but did not.  Consiparcy theory or what?  Any truth in it?  Who knows but even if there was, will the Americans do anything about it?  Of course not especially with a weak president and too much bakshish at stake.

Al Aqsa masjid is about to collapse because of Israeli excavations around and under it.  What a surprise – not – of course it is going to collapse is that not what the Israeli’s want so that one of the symbols of Islam the Al Aqsa no longer exists and they can continue more of the land grab and say there is nothing there for the Muslims and justify why only they Israeli’s should be there.  Most of the churches have also been destroyed.   SICK SICK SICK

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