rise of islamophobia – a shameful period in our history

Glasgow is freezing – town was so crowded and the queues so long.  Good for the shops though.  If todays anything to go by tomorrow town will be even busier.  The Christmas lights on Buchanan street look really nice. The weather woman said today that Boxing Day will be snowy here just missing a White Christmas though technically the snow is still lying around from the last round frozen to bits and crunchy underfoot.

The rise of Islamophobia is truly shocking in our society and in the 21st century too.  This is nothing new but is a slow drip feed over years if not decades by those who want to undermine and malign a religion and its followers under the guise of  ‘western safety and protection’ and to make fair seeming the atrocities being done in the Wests name all under the guise of  ‘protecting the west by the only morally correct and democratic country in the middle east’ and how this country is making such sacrifices all in the name of freedom!!!

These things do not happen just overnight.  It smacks so much off the fervour that was fermented in Nazi Germany against the:

Gypsies, Slavs, Political opponents, Disable people, Black people, Quakers, Jehovah’s witnesses, Jews, homosexuals, those who didnt fit into society, prostitutes etc, people who openly oppossed the Nazis,  people who helped those being persecuted, children of alcoholics were sterilised as it was believed that alcoholism could be passed on genetically etc.

Definition of Islamophobia – prejudice against, hatred of fear of islam or muslims.

What is truly sad and shows that we have learnt nothing in society since the 2nd world war is that people are like sheep.  People are easily influenced by words of hatred and discrimination and racism instead of using their intellect and finding out facts.  But this is not easy for many people especially when there are newspapers and news shows like Fox and Rupert Murdochs empire and other similar ilk who perpertrate lies by making them fair seeming and factual and at the same time formeting racism and hatred and xenophobia worldwide.  Knowing full well that people will take all this as written or heard fact and not bother to fact find as why would these agencies lie to them?  Not only that but they help to perpretrate and keep alive the right-wing fascists whose only agenda is hatred and not conciliation.

By using the word  Islamophobia governments and media curtail the freedom of speech and censor criticism and also silence any issues concerning Muslims populations in the west.  Is this the type of society we want to live in?  As people of the world we have not progressed in this at all but as if we have stayed static and allowed prejudices to fester and forment and spill out, when so often these may have nothing to do with the object of their ‘phobia’ but something within themselves or just something else.  Seems to be easy to hit out at the latest fad no matter what.

Most of the media coverage hardly shows the side of muslims especially the moderate but lumps everyone together as ‘terrorists’, ‘extremists’ etc.  This is so much like the Nazi era that the parallels are truly frightening.  What is even worse is that much of this is instigated by the Israeli Zionists themselves.  One would have thought that what happened to them would make them want to stop it happening to anyone else in the world?  But it seems to have done the complete opposite and they are often found right in the middle as the instigators – truly sad.

Stop the War have a good article about the rise and spread of Islamophobic network around the world.

Counterpunch article – very good read well worth a read

The politics of blind hatred – another interesting article

Do a search and see both sides before making up your mind instead of being a sheep.

It seems to be interesting how this has all played into the hands of the Zionists and far right so easily making them look whiter than white and holier than holy?

Don’t fan the flames but read about the history and current affairs and both sides of a story instead of just one like the Palestinie problem only shows the Israeli side as being angelic and yet the tragedy enfolding in front of our eyes is totally different.  Don’t make the same mistake as our predecers and go down the road of misplaced hatred and racism and slow genocide due to misguidance.  Don’t darken your soul with falsehoods and misinterpretations of the far right and let’s all erase this shameful behaviour and conciliate and reconcile and live peacefully with all our differences – learning the good from each other.

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