oxymorons, compacted ice, SHIELD who, hackers a go-go and Israeli PR stunts

Town is slushy and slippery and crossing the bridge to go to the southside is completely different – the roads are full of compacted ice still and vehicles go at their own peril slowly but at least safely.  Today it was cold, tomorow we gonna have a heat wave of +7 compared to -12 today plus it’s gonna be sunny – woo hoo.  It is bitter just now -13 and happily only fell once cos of the slippery conditions so not bad.  Aye the wee army have been called in to help clear the ice on the roads – cheap labour and great exercise for them too.

For those of you who hate those pesky 0870 numbers and just want to speak to someone local there is a lovely wee site called Say No to 0870 plus saves money.  Can’t stand when you call and they put you on hold for 10 minutes for some crap excuse so that you get charged more – aaarghhh.

Is this not a complete oxymoron – on the one hand the USA are trying to break Wikileaks and all involved including wanting to prosecute the media outlets who put the leaks on their sites/papers and guess what?  The good old USA will be holding a World Press Freedom Day in May 2011 in Washington DC.  Doesn’t quite add up or maybe it is a double bluff so they can arrest or find out anyone who are deemed to subversive ie criticise them or Israel or whatever is story du jour for them?  Who knows but so moronic.

Looks like it is hackers a go-go – Mastercard site now hacked – would be hard to maintain in the long run.  So far Paypal seems to be hack proof.  All done by Wikleaks supporters – hacktivists called Annonymous.  Interesting how this underground group has emerged and come together and how many more there are though whom no one knows about and what they do.  Very interesting how Wikileaks is panning out worldwide – but in one way good because we sleepwalked into all the laws that came out worldwide cos of 9/11 which stiffle free thought – am sure if the governments could they would prosecute anyone who had any kind of mental thought which they would find subsversive just by thinking of it not talking it out loud or writing it down or whatever.  Well the Americans are asking their citizens not to speak about the Wikileaks leaks in polite company?  Eh they gonna McCarthyise everyone?  Certainly bizarre looks like they will have to build walls around large communities and imprison them if they want it contained cos building prisons for large amounts of people would be expensive.  Time for accountability, if it is not too late – I pray not.

Well apparently a new law is being created to prosecute Julian Assange – cos they can’t under their own present legal system – The Securing Human Intelligence and Enforcing Lawful Dissemination Act (SHIELD) being brought by Joe Liebermann (is he related to that right wing hardline Liebermann in Israel?) and some chappy called Scott Brown.  More censorship and it ain’t going to secure human intelligence or is it a covert word for let’s incarcerate anyone with any type of intelligence so they don’t educate the rest of the peasants?

The Israeli’s have now asked their embassies in Europe to recruit 1,000 people in each country who will advocate the Israeli apartheid policy and reinforce it – in other words please educate the people in Europe that murder, torture, apartheid, abusing children, raping and pillaging the land is a normal sane act and that Israel has the right to do it!  In addition we should soon also be seeing in the UK,  Spain, France, Germany and Italy PR stunts and adverts endorsing Israeli rape and pillage policy.   Boycott Israel we don’t need their crap or excuses for the illegal things they are doing.   This week so far the Rabbis in Israel have signed a religious ruling not to rent anything to non Jews ie Israeli Arabs, another village in the West Bank has been destroyed by Israel, a masjid was surrounded by Israeli troops and worshippers questioned why they are praying(?), IDF has resumed using prohibited tear gas canisters against the Palestinians, more peace activitis who had no weapons nor were they being aggressive injured by Israeli forces and Israeli rightwing settlers.  This is just a small sample of what happens in Palestine and Gaza on a daily basis – oh i forgot the Israeli’s daily bomb with F16’s or enter with tanks and injure / maim or detain Gazans.  So this is what we will be hearing or maybe something along the lines of (crap at accents but please use an appropriate accents when saying this)  ‘you don’t understand, we who are heavily armed with F16’s are under daily attack by pebbles and stones’ also  ‘western security depends on us poor souls who are on the firing line’ and other such lies and crap.  So if you are a great liar, have no morals, feel murderous, aggressive, are a rightwing racists, and of other immoral character please do apply to the Israeli embassies for a job cos they are looking for  you.  Perfect job for our ex-democratic dictator Tony Blair, you think he’s looking for a job?

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