it’s snowing again and boycotts continue worldwide

It has been snowing off and on all day today earlier than the weatherman predicted as it was supposed to snow on sunday.  The roads were well gritted in Glasgow but if the snow restarts with a heavy blizzard and gets colder then no grit or salt will help.  Looks like if it gets heavy it will be a long walk to work and back next week.  Airports around the UK are closed – funny how airports are always closed here but in snowy places like the nordic countries they are open.  Ah it wouldn’t be the UK without all of these lovelycute  wee excuses of why not.  The news is full of frozen britain.

Bank of America will not be processing any payments for Wikileaks which i suppose is not surprising as it is American owned.  It was Bradley Manning’s birthday yesterday and I pray he is well.  As he has a British mother let’s hope that he can get consular visitors from the UK government though I doubt if Cad Cameron will sanction it.  Though if he does not try to get visitors and others he is sanctioning the torture.

Looks like boycotts and divestments are growing.  The Japanese company Muji has cancelled opening a store in Israel.  Hurray.  Not only that but the Danish are having a debate and outcry about the role that the British-Danish owned security firm GS4 because of its role in Israel and the illegal occupation of Palestine and detention of them.  Evey citizen in the world should be asking these questions of every company who deals with apartheid and murderous dictatorial states no matter who they are.  Also employees need to also start thinking is this the type of company they want to work for who aids states in illegal occupations, murders, land theft and other illegalities.  Boycott and Divest from GS4 – it’s not worth it.  Not only that but Marrickville Council in Australia has now become the first Council in Australia to boycott and divest from israel.  Hurray.  A majority of Israeli rabbis have signed a declaration whereby they will not rent or sell any property, which of course they have stolen, to non Jews and some chappie actually said this is what happened during the Nazi times to jews and he thought that this would never happen to anyone in his own country of israel!  Well it is mister open your eyes and do something if you are so outraged to stop it, but as a sheep he will not.

Ha ha apparently Princeton uni has done a study on the disinformation that Fox News gives to its viewers.  What is so funny is that those who have any intelligence already knew that but to do a study on it is a bit strange or is it more to prove a point?

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