gun licences for children? costly snow

Snowing again today but looks like it may have stopped for the night the sky is clearing.  Apparently this is costing the UK £1bn a day of lost revenue.  That is a heck of a lot of money.  Not only that but guess what we are all supposed to be running out of grit looks like the grit bandits will soon be out again like last year  even worse than recently as some have already stolen free grit and resold it on this year – aarrghhh.  So does that mean we need gritty police ha ha ha.

Am absolutely shocked apparently young children as young as 10 years old have been granted shotgun licences in scotland.   On what grounds are they being granted this?  There has been enough problems here in Glasgow with children using those wee pellet guns and shooting people without this.  So does that mean we will soon be having the child gangs tommy gunning each other, there is enough violence and problem already with knives and the police is trying to deal with that but this is just as bad if not 10 times worse.  What’s next giving babies driving licences?  aaarrgghhh

Apparently Glasgow University is the second oldest university in Scotland after St Andrews and was founded in 1451 by a papal bull – a decree from the pope.  What’s unique about Glasgow University is that it gives a wide range of education ie medicine, law, veterinary medicine, dentistry, engineering,  science and social science as well as theology, history, literature and modern languages and more.  In 1563 Mary Queen of Scots gave 13 acres of land to the University, even though the land did belong to the Black Friars.  It is one of the top ten unversities in the UK and has the fourth largest financial endowment of £133m.  Not bad

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