gridlock in glasgow – censorship has started against wikileaks

Took me 1hr45 minutes to get home today in the snow – very very slippery in town but by the time Queens Park was reached it was easier to walk on and I even almost beat the bus that had left 90 minutes earlier and I caught up with it 3 bus stops ahead – but decided not to get on as i was almost home.  The snow in the south of Glasgow fell heavily as i almost missed the steps going up to the house as they were almost covered, another cm and I’d never recognise it.  If I had stayed in town then would probably be still waiting or sitting on a bus 2 hours later not having even gone over the bridge.  The River Cart was frozen when I passed it, it was a still sheet of snow and ice.   Fog had just started so looks like tomorrow will be an icy cold day.

Well not sure what is going on but Firefox will not let me see the site article in Wikileaks.  Every time I click on it to read guess what it immediately goes to another page saying ‘oops link is broken’ !  So is this Firefox or something else?

Wikileaks has also had it’s swiss bank account shut down on a technicality – he was not resident in geneva at the time of opening it or is currently – but they have said they will return the money to him.  Paypal not sure if they will – probably not as they will be too scared too – what thieves.  Plus Wikileaks has had problems with their server today – more denial of service attacks by the American government.

What is worrying is the fact that there is collusion amongst states to stop and censor the internet worldwide.  Things like this will then go underground and no government will be able to stop nor see many things being published about them if that is what they are after?  Better to leave it open rather than go underground, but governments are arrogant and think we the citizens are stupid and know nothing – yeah sure.

Poor American people who are the victims because of their government’s actions they are being led blindly and are being left deaf so that they never find out what their government is doing illegaly in their name Wikileaks and goodness knows what else is being blocked from them ever finding out and messing up their wee minds with – Americans time to wake up, smell the coffee and find out what is being done in your name – get your free country back from the shysters, corrupters and everyone else – if it is not already too late or you’ll all be zombies or drones with chips in your necks getting fed more crap – just like a wee horror movie.  Hold your government to account – be curious, fight for your rights before dronedom makes you all iliterate unable to distinguise between what is morally right and wrong.

Sarah Palin is a right wing fascist hardliner and if she is ever elected she will lead America into total isolation with her policies  – Julian Assange has no blood on his hands unlike the American government.  What is quite interesting which I didn’t realise is that one of the woman who is accusing him of rape has absconded to Israel!  Now was this a set-up she the bimbo and him the patsy?

How funny Colombia University students told not to read Wikileaks or they will jeopardise any jobs they apply to to the US government – so does that mean that only this university is accepted by the government when hiring?  Is that not a security leak?  cos then you never know someone spy may be planted there just so they can be hired by their government or is this not an easy target for Russians etc to be able to turn or bribe these students maybe another spy like the current libdem chappies research assistant?   Security leak by themselves tsk tsk tsk.

On another note the Palestinian’s sent fire engines and people to help the Israeli’s figh the forest fire – do you think that this would ever be reciprocated by them of course not.  Palestinians have more compassion and humanity as can be seen every day when one reads and hears the news about them.  In November 280 Palestinians including 43 children and 3 women were kidnapped by the Israeli’s – these children as we are discovering are being tortured and abused by the Israeli’s including sexual abuse – bunch of paedophiles – so disgusting.  Not only that but whenever they commit a crime anywhere in the world as in New York recently where a Rabbi and his sons abused their daughers/sister – guess what they ran away to Israel to hide cos they wont be punished or extradited otherwise the Americans will be called anti-semite.  yeah sure criminals should be prosecuted especially for such an heinous crime and not be save in a rogue state.

Boycott – an Israeli security company with connections to mafia and guess what they are hired by governments to protect the security of airports etc!  Also have been caught spying in the States!  All this thanks to Wikileaks and the anti-war article on the link.

Hurray three countries – Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay have officially recognised Palestine under the 67 borders as a state.  Woo Hoo South Americans – lead the way yeah yeah yeah.

Other world news today:

France and India have signed a 7 billion euro nucleaer deal – french company areva will build 2 nuclear plants in west india – where will they dump the waste?  Apparently France may be next in line to fall after Spain and Portugal – slimy sarkozy blocking and censoring too many things methinks.

Egypt – ah yes the old geezer Mubarak with his squad of spies and torturers – well they funnily enough have won the election – how strange one would never have guessed they would win with all the shenanigans that went on – opposition arrested, refused to register, opposition’s son murdered and so much more  – you know what I mean.

Russia – apparently some young lawyer has uncovered a massive amount of fraud in Russia – Alexei Navalny – and guess what he is now being called the Russian one man Wikileaks!  Wonder how long he will live for as Russians who do any exposes dont seem to survive for long.  Brave man like Assange.

Scotland – the Scottish company MacTaggart Scott which is apparently a vital company for America said on BBC Scotland and on STV today that they didnt understand why and that they were just a wee firm who did their job.

Pakistan – has had protests asking the government to stop all alliance with the USAand break ties with them.  Two twin bombs killed over 50 people today – funny how there was no such thing or very little of it until the war of terror started and Pakistan was one of the instigators by hiding al qaeda (who dont exist) and the Taliban.

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