bonspiel at piperdam or loch leven – who really leaked – South Americans recognition of 1967 Palestine border state

It is freezing and foggy in Glasgow not much rain just a wispy bit of dandruff today but it looks like it will be about -13 tomorrow here though.  Couldn’t find my gloves this morning so wore two different colours 🙂 – well a glove is a glove and just like socks as long as they are dry and clean who cares.

So looks like the bonspiel may be on again either at piperdam near Dundee or loch leven – the ice is 6 inches deep in piperdam.  Of course it depends on the health and safety issues and if the police give it the go ahead.  Though with snow forecast could be nearer the new year or just after – let’s see what happens over the next few days and weeks.   Keep checking out the Royal Caledonian Curling Club website for updated news.

Well great news Bolivia has now recognised Palestine as a state under the 1967 borders – another South American country breaking out from the control of the Israeli’s and Americans and Europeans.  Earlier in the month it was Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay who broke the mould.  We all know that the Americans are not honest brokers in any way recently their  Congress approved a resolution which expressed opposition to any measures that recognisee an independent Palestinian state.  The vote by the House of Representatives of 435-0 was a resolution to oppose any unilateral declaration of an independent Palestinian state plus condemning international recognition of such a state!  Also they will oppose any UNSC resolution of a Palestinian State.  Time the Americans were out of the picture but they can’t as Tel Aviv is their capital and they do as their willy says.  Oh forgot Norway has upgraded the Palestinian standing irking the Israeli’s no end who are threatening that there will be no peace talks if all the countries who have recognised Palestine and Norway continue in this vein.  Come on countries worldwide don’t be bullied and and blackmailed by the zionists.

The Israelis have not helped themselves by attacking a South African delegation in Bethlehem, and at Christmas time too, with tear gas canisters and stun grenades.  Methinks these South African lawmakers will be encouraging their country and Africans to boycott Israel even more vehemently.  Not only that but Israeli soldiers illegally entered a Bethlehem hospital and demanded that all patients records be given to them – the murderous thieves.  Though i wonder if it has to do with an American woman being found dead near Jerusalem – attacked and murdered by settlers probably – not surprising at all as they are murderous thugs.

This is  a lovely wee article on a Bethlehem Christmas wish – well worth a wee read and reflection.

Eeks if you are a anti-death penalty campaigner beware of the Texans they have liked the campaigners as terrorists and hostage-takers.   Is that not Bush country – what do you expect?  Nothing less than stupidity – maybe we should be sending them dictionaries so they know the meanings terrorists and hostage takers and campaigners.

So here is a funny wee incidence re Wikileaks – it seems that Julian Assange believes that Netanyahu is a believer of diplomatic transparency?  So does that make him a zionist as I don’t see anything coming out about the rape and pillage policies of Israel on the Palestinians?   Where are those revelations Julian Assange if you have received them please let them out? Or is it the case of Julian Assange being played like a fine violin by the Zionists for their cause under freedom of information?  Methinks it is a nice wee set-up a bit like the false cables released by India about Pakistan?  I believe in the Iraq war stuff coming out and the diplo cables being released but what about Israeli=gate?  So are the rumours true then that the leaks were really by the Israeli lobby and not Bradley Manning?  Or is thi sjust a red herring to deflect something more sinister and implicate Julian into something really murky?

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