body cameras over xmas period

well it is freezing here and still no snow in Glasgow but could be here by Sunday cos it is all falling on the sea and ocean right now or high up in the highlands, wales and northern ireland and apparently some in southern england.

Now that it is the season of goodwill and partying and presents security guards and staff  in pubs and clubs this year will be wearing body cameras over this festive period to stop and capture the violence mainly due to alcohol.  Good news.  The cameras will be on jackets and there will be a screen where the person will be able to see himself being filmed.  Good deterrent hope it works.

Blake Edwards died yesterday – the man who created the iconic pink panther with bumbling wee policeman inspector clouseau played by peter sellers.   Didnt realise he was married to julie andrews of sound of music.

Wikileaks Julian Assange was released yesterday and have been reading about poor Bradley Manning who is in solitary confinement and is not well.  You wouldn’t be and who knows if he has been tortured like waterboarded or whatever they use – the americans do have a history what with abu ghraib and guantanamo so would not be surprised.  If they were not torturing him and filling him with drugs why is he on isolation?  Surely as an American citizen he has rights of a lawyer and fair trial and fair treatment?  Americans should be leading by example rather than doing what they condemn other countries from doing.  Do you think if he was Israeli he would have got away with it and been treated lightly?  of course.

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