Black ice and the epic battle to save our freedom has begun

Black ice tonight in Glasgow after two weeks of snow, yesterday there was light rain and a lot of the snow has hardened into a white ice rink which tonight will become even more skiddy and dangerous cos of the cold.  It is freezing and walking back from a lovely wee opening of christmas lights in the local community the pavement was shining like wee diamonds and slippery like  an eel.  The Scottish Government has  contacted all Councils to confirm that housing and support agencies are on standby with support to the homeless.  That is really great news because of all the cuts this at least has not been cut as sharply, especially since it is freezing out there and it is often not the fault of the homeless that they are out there, sometimes circumstances happen not of their own fault so they need help especially now.  Thank you SNP for confirming help to the homeless.

Two new websites about Scottish Songs and Scottish Stories have been launched – very interesting sites have started reading the information on their sites and it is really really interesting – tons of things i didnt even know about.  Aye worth a nice wee read.

Ivory Coast – what an election the old geezer lost, refused to accept it so closed borders and guess what is back in power – nothing like another despotic country under the guise of free elections.

Thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks what has been speculation for years without proof has now come out.  But the consequence of this is now turning put to be an epic battle for our civil liberties against draconian dictatorial democracies – reminds me very much of those hobbit books when there was the battle between good and evil but here it is governments worldwide idiocy and secrecy all in the name of terrorism, in other words they can do what they want without accountability all under our names and without our consent because they know better and we all are unable to decide such things ourselves what is right or wrong.  This is the world’s so called democracies we are talking about not the dictators or despots – but sure sounds like the worlds democratic leaders want to emulate the despots and dictators udner the guise of democracy.  The biggest losers are the Americans who are unable to read what their government is desperately trying to hide from them – aye keep them uninformed and control them by propoganda eschewed by the press who are as all know controlled by their own government, of course under the guise of independence cos if they had done their job properly and laid their government to account there would be no need for wikileaks and other sites like it – sounds familiar?

We allowed the governments to bring in laws after 9/11 thinking that it would save us but with the Afghan and Iraq wars, threatening of countries that do not ‘follow in the mould’ of our western thinking and hiding the facts by blaming other countries for what our democracies are doing illegaly it is now time to reflect and ask ourselves is this really what we want?

Wikileaks has now been banned by the American government for their employees to read,  banned for the American army to read and because of pressure to the two hosting companies Amazon and shut down in the States by  Wikileaks lost their hsoting IP and was made homeless for a short time.  But thanks to their tenacity and ingeniousness have come back again – (the swiss and Finnish sites are now online these had been shut down earlier but not the Netherlands one / / ) is now available also the following IP address this is the only one working just now.  For a list of mirror sites follow twitter ‘imwikileaks’ also here is the address for mirror sites.

If pulling their hosting was not enough now PayPal has pulled their account so Wikileaks will not be able to receive funding via PayPal and if i remember rightly another payment company did the same a few months ago and they were not even American based but based in the middle east !  Karzai and Sardari held a press conference telling people not to believe the embassy cable releases because it was done by low level personnel and so not worthy or credible !  Aye who are you kidding messrs Karzai and Sardari – no one,  as you both sold your country and people down the toilet allowing alien forces to kill your own people instead of dealing with it yourself and justly.

The battle has now started and instead of stemming the cable embassy leaks the Americans have now created more people who are not only willing to help Wikileaks who would not have done so before but also more and more sites have Wikileaks information and it is spreading more and more.  Not what the Americans had intended I am assuming!  What a web they have woven with their policy of good and bad only and how upright they are and only they know what is good for the world and no one else.  That kind of behaviour does not win anyone friends or favours in the long run – people have long memories.  Though since America controls the worlds banking systems and also is one of the biggest buyers of goods that has been the concern of governments who do not want to lose out to business or money for their countries businesses or to be banned from doing any banking so they have done what the Americans have said rather than go into isolation or be made a pariah state by the americans.   So why is there no other banking system which is independent and does not rely on one countries diktats?  Why are the Americans not making their own goods since there is so much unemployment there?   That is the biggest problem is being made into a pariah state if you do follow the diktats of the Americans or even a pariah person for daring to criticise them – sounds familiar.

Slimy Sarkozy or should we call him as the American cables have leaked ‘an emperor with no clothes’ is trying to ban any Wikileaks information being put on French servers – erm what happened to ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ ?

Definition of Treason:  ‘treason is actually betraying one’s country by aiding and abetting another state

When did Julian Assange commit treason as he is not an American citizen?  He did not steal the documents but was a recipient who put them on his website for the world to know.  The leaks do not paint distortion they only show what was written by whoever and it is up to the readers to decide what they take from it.

The battle has commenced and we the people of the world need Wikileaks otherwise it is not nice being in the dark with no light to show us the way.

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