Scotland Freezes as the Wikileaks heats up the rest of the worlds cables not sparing American blushes

Well Scotland is currently freezing looks like it will be colder than last year as it snowflakes have knotted together to cover the entire country in clean white snow.  Causing of course as normal here school closures, traffic jams, wee accidents and total chaos.  It wouldn’t be Scotland without all of that whilst the rest of the world just gets on with it, at least the councils this time have got enough grit.  Watched cars trying to come up our wee hill, getting stuck halfway up, trying to turn around, sliding then giving up yesterday.  Supposed to be more slow in Glasgow on Wednesday though looks like we may get a few flurries tonight – sky looks laden with snowflakes.

Today the University of Glasgow announced that it would offer its Intellectual Property free, including ground breaking medical & science research and development to businesses & entrepreneurs which will hopefully open up more freedom for small businesses to create commercial and innovative products using the technology rather it being buried and forgotten or too expensive to use cos of legalities.  Hurray for University of Glasgow.

Well let’s get to the story du jour – Wikileaks release of American secret embassy chit-chat.  What is interesting is that it is a bit like a young child’s diary with all the warts and emotions and with added skulduggery exposed.  Ah what a web we weave of deceit and yet in some parts almost like a comedy sketch and childish.

Americans spying on allies – what’s new not much though quite interesting as the one country it does not spy on naively is Israel though one cannot say that of Israel as they sure dont reciprocate it and instead relish in spying on the States and even getting their spy’s freedom from American clutches!

Though what is surprising is the fact the americans blame that poor chappie bradley for having released the documents since their documents were stored in a place so insecure that over 3 million americans  including non Americans citizens(!) had access to the material beforehand in other words something which had so many people having access is an open secret and unleakable as it was already leaked no wonder Wikileaks got it and probably from many many sources.

How is this possible you say well apparently the way it was secured was using a tag called Sipidis (secret internet protocol router network distribution) and guess what millions had clearance for the storage of data using this tag eeks – with so many parties having access no wonder it was leaked – no wonder blushes are spreading around the States like a scarlet contagion glowing through exposed underpands eeks eeks eeks.

The Libyan leader, Gadaffi, s seems to dislike flying over water, enjoys horse riding and flamenco dancing and has a nurse with big breasts as a body guard – erm what is new about all this or secret?   The EU Observer reported that four countries in Europe hold US nuclear bombs – belgium, netherlands, germany and surpisingly Turkey.

So what will the leaks bring out – comedy sketches, skulduggery, spying, bad breath moments, red-faces and who knows what else.  Certainly much better read than a james bond novel as it covers the entire world with both tragedy and comedy and inbetween.

Let’s hope Julian Assange is safe where ever he is.  What blood does he have on his hands?  I don’t see him going out and gunning people down including fire incidents, pre-emption attacks, invasions, gangland like killings, etc.  Or is that next after the smear campaigns about his sex life – funny how that has just happened or am i just being cyncial/suspicious?  At least he has the bravery and gumption to bring out what our journalists should be doing and saying instead of being s pro-government and letting them continue with murder, mayhem and every thing else all under our names and to protect us.  Politicians, diplomats and intelligence services all be held to account and part of that job is journalists to bring out the stories but eeks  what journalists?  Very few do, they are all so Murdochised that there is no such thing almost of a free independent good old fashioned journalist or paper who will bring things out – few exceptions are the Guardian of course (though will the Guardian protect JulianAssange?  i doubt it look at past history) and sometimes the Independent and New Statesman.

Americans have a cheek wanting to call Wikileaks a terrorist organisation ?  Why cos they got caught with their underpants down with their innuendos, gossip, and everything else – in other words they got caught lying their underpants off.  What terrorism have Wikileaks caused?  Better they use their whole process to call Israel a terrorist state – oops forgot they can’t call the capital of their country that eeks.  So Pollard may soon go free – what a surprise – and the american politician who pledged allegiance openly to Israel (sedition or treason in any other name) these are what is important to look at.

Who has been violating whose laws more Wikileaks or the Americans when they go into other countries and violate laws all under the guise of terrorism or whatever is the ‘Word du jour’ of that era.  Without people like Julian Assange and Wikileaks our world could end up like an Orwellian nightmare controled by technology and despots all in our name and for our protection or should I say ‘to hide their guilt and illegalities’.

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