hoodwinkers unite

Glasgow is freezing at this time of year, am i complaining of course not – means we may get snow and bugs especially those pesky snails will be controlled.  Yeah much much better for my plants especially the vegetables and fruits.  Dug two large holes today and put in the sludge which was in two separate compost bins and covered them up with dirt.  Lets hope the worms work their magic over the winter and in spring time the vegetable patch is lovely and ripe for planting seeds.

An old ancient structure was found while digging in east dunbartonshire between kirkintilloch and lenzie it is a hut circle and several thousands years old.  Ancient history reveals itself in a funny old way as it was found underneath a hospital which is being knocked down.

In October there was a global peace and unity conference in London and guess what Cad Cameron refused for any of his cabinet members to attend.  Which makes one realise that the Conservatives are definitely racists, if it was held by those from Israel I can bet your bottom dollar that not only would he be attending but also his entire conservative cabinet members.  That is so disgusting and yet not surprising at all.   Though thank goodness Nick Clegg opposes this opinion by the Conservatives and so he should as a liberal democrat.  Time we had a liberal democratic government not racists like the last labour and present Conservative governments.  Not only that but the Quillium Foundation are how should I describe them – Mccarthyists – witch hunters of muslim extremists ie all muslims to them are extremists especially those moderate ones who dare criticise them or the government – sound very familiar like the Mccarthy era in the States?  Well that is definitely what it is – the mouth piece of the government set up by the last racist twerps and continued funding by the present racist twerps.  Nothing like a state sanctioned islamphobic quango oops meant stink tank oops think tank.

Well hoodwinkers are uniting or should I say bonding even more closely.  Whilst Gazans and West Bank Palestinians are losing their land, being killed, children being beaten up and even dragged around tied to cars by the most democratic and TCF country in the world – deals are being made between the good old USA and Israel to supply their willie with arms and more fighter planes.  Wink wink nudge nudge – take these arms to help you protect yourself against an entire improverished nation and we of course will look the other way.  Now that Obamara has lost the majority Oh people of Israel you are safe to continue the holocaust of the Palestinians in peace with American arms and fighers jets and the American leaders  sanctions.   Never mind that poor American children are dying of starvation, they are not important at all so many more to take their place. What an absolute disgrace the Americans are to preach one thing to the world and yet allow their willie to do another.  Dont think they have ever heard of practice what you preach.  Pity as not all Americans are like that only those hoodwinked by their so called leaders of the world.   Keep them dumb and hoodwinked better to control such a vast population and landmass me thinks?   Of course they are thinking of letting Pollard go cos he spied for Israel but if this was say Iran or Iraq or African or Asian country would they have considered it of course not.  As I keep stating Israel owns America.

Not only that but Republican Cantor pledged allegience to the Israeli Prime Minister against his own President – is this not treason or seditious?  Absolutely shocking and reinforces my point about who owns America.  So does that mean that the pledge of allegiance will be changed to Israel instead of America?

Those brave Americans who do stand up for the Palestinians and dare say anything against that perfect country who can do no wrong are witch hunted in the States and Canada.  Many are being arrested by the FBI for counter-terrorism acts – what by saying that Israel is a racist and apartheid state and their country and the rest of the world should not allow the atrocities being carried out in their names continue?

What is great news lately though is that the Norwegian Pension Fund has divestes even more from Israeli companies as well as a major Dutch Pension fund.  Hurray for small victories and may they accelerate in the hundreds and thousands and millions worldwide over the coming hours, days, weeks, months and years until their is peace and the Palestinians have their land back from the 67 lines.

Another bit of interesting news is that some film producer from the Netherlands Sulzer, I think, said he saw Ariel Sharon shoot two children dead during the Shatilla-Sabra massacres.  The Israeli’s have come back denying it but what is interesting though is a story that my mother told me years and years ago as a child.  When she was working in a hospital here in Glasgow one of her colleagues a doctor, who has passed away, went to the Shatilla-Sabra camps to help the Israelis and he told her that Sharon was there but did not say anything else as my mother became so angry with him.  He was so cocky about his experience that my mother asked him why he had not stopped the massacres as he was a doctor he had no answer to that and shut up.  I remember it clearly as i was so disgusted then as I am now remembering it.

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