wikileaks – iraq war diaries – an illegal and repugnant war

Looks like it is going to rain again today in Glasgow.   Everything seems quiet probably cos all are watching the Wikileaks press conference or reading through the documentation.

Iraq Diaries – these are leaked military documents and reveal claims of cover up by US govt during the Iraq War and the British gov.  Iraq war has always been an illegal and repugnant war and now these diaries show the abuse by the Iraqi army, US army and British army.  So many rumours about all this abuse now proof is out.

What is disgusting is those journalists and papers who report their governments party line word for word rather than reading and reporting independently and treating their readers with respect, should lose their jobs.  We want the truth not the propaganda.  We are not stupid and to say it is secret is a bit misleading.  Rumours one must remember are always based on some truth until the proof comes out – the abuse has been an open secret for years coming out of Iraq.

Wikileaks – war diaries – Reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 ‘civilians’; 23,984 ‘enemy’; 15,196 ‘host nation’ and 3,771 ‘friendly’.

*Now* is a very good time to defend WikiLeaks

Pentagon threatens entire world press with Espionage Act | DN

XE (the former Black Water) – have they been punished yet for their crimes?  Of course not surprise surprise

Al JazeeraDer Spiegel,   New York Times,   the Bureau of Investigative Journalism,   the Guardian,   Channel 4,   the Iraq Body Count,    le monde,   CNN,   BBC all broke the news with other partners with Wikileaks.

Julian Assange has been threatened by the US government for these leaks.  He is a brave man and I pray he is safe wherever he is.  Wikileaks needs funding so dont forget to help them so that they stay independent and more such things are brought out.  Without Wikileaks and their likes we would still be in the dark and ignorant.

Keep up the good work wikileaks as we need to know what happens in our name.

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