Cos we can thump whom we want – erm or should we say how to lose friends using fastrack method

well glasgow has lovely weather just now – long may it last.  Certainly won’t be travelling into the city centre this weekend as the motorway is supposed to be girdlock as they do work to upgrade the M8 in town aarrghhh.

Well listened to some American general the other day on the news being asked why they continuously violated Pakistani airspace and sovereignty and at the same time killed so many civilians and Pakistani army members. His reply was – we can do what we want on the war on terrorism  – would he like his country’s sovereignty to be violated in the same way under the  banner of ‘war on terror’ – erm i think not so maybe they should think about how other countries feel.  In otherwords we can thump whom we want, whenever we want whether based on truth or not and whether you are an ally or not – certainly a great way to lose friends fast fast fast.

Anyway about the NATO trucks being destroyed his reply was – well Pakistan has now made their point so they should start sending in the trucks and stop them being destroyed and as a small after thought said we did apologise.  He showed no remorse nor cared when talking just – annoyed like someone annoyed when they have a fly landing on them every so often.  Have they not learnt or understood anything – they were allowed by the Pakistani army to enter Pakistan and get rid of nuisances but when they start killing army personnel then that is another whole new  ball game. The Pakistani army is their to defend its people and land no matter what unlike the government who is only there to line their pockets even if it means selling their people and land down the toilet.  No army in the world or country will tolerate such actions.  Nor will a token destruction of a few NATO trucks appease cos they know just as the rest of the world knows that the Americans respect no sovereign state and just go in gungho killing and maiming anything that moves whether ally or enemy all under the guise of ‘war on terror’.  Americans are supposed to be so educated but instead use their base hick or can we say caveman insticts and go for the guns and gungho attitudes instead of using diplomacy to win wars – oh i forgot they cant cos the warmongers who make their weapons would have no sales – oops.  Something they really need to think about – imperialism in a world of internet and information freedom does not work – people get to know quickly all your warts and terrors and horrors.  Better to have friends at your side not always looking over  your back when walking down a road in case you get back stabbed.

They are losing friends fast – almost a pariah like Israel – though no wonder as Tel Aviv as the world knows is the Capital of the United States.  look at Obama promising israel the world just so he can win a few votes.  As a president who will probably not be relected he should do the morally right thing and do an Eisenhower manouvre – be brave and correct not a weasel and appeaser of warmongers and immoral armies.  But will he – of course not – the moment is more important than long term peace worldwide.

Shame a lot of Americans have no idea about the rest of the world – the majority of them are really nice and decent people but so easily led by those ‘gas flinging’ right wingers and of course dear old Fox news – such an icon the Americans are so proud of and so communistic in a country who dread the communists in a funny sort of way.

What about the recent false alert – reminds one so much of the time of the evil bush and blair – ah those where the days of falsedom and lies and how we longed for them to end and for normality to arise from world leaders.  Seems they may be coming back – certainly hope not.  So what was that about – especially as the White House man said that it was not based on anything concrete in anyway!  in other words if your ‘personal gas emissions’ happens to be so unsmelly it may be deemed to be a threat as the smell may emanate at the next emission – yeah give me a break!  We are still the same people who did not believe about the same wmd in Iraq and have not changed our minds.

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