the sorrow of pakistan

really lovely sunny weather for a week.  today we had a lovely curry from the produce in the garden, baby courgettes, baby yellow gourds, runner beans, tomatoes, mint and potatoes – really really nice what a difference fresh produce makes.

The sorrow of Pakistan since its inception is tragic.  For a country whose name is pak (clean) i – stan(land) there was a lot of hope in the beginning, which tragically was misused by the generals and the ever more corrupt leaders and ministers.

Recently the bombings, funny how their were no bombings until the americans and blackwater (now called XE) people entered the foray with their ‘terrorism’ claims.  Shias had their rallies and no trouble and now!

The country of course has for years been veering from one corrupt ruler to another and the army generals, who to keep the population quiet kept them dumb and illiterate. You have the bhuttos who are keeping it in the family – for their own pockets of course forget the locals.  Look at the last and present government selling their land and people to the americans – forget their own loyalty to their land just allow foreigners to bomb indiscriminately and kill who they want – of course it helps them to get rid of enemies and any one who could be an enemy.  Disgusting.  During the floods these very people to keep their property and the americans safe, broke dykes etc and let the flood waters go onto land which would have been flooded but not as badly and all those people who died and were flooded out?

then the mullahs – ah yes –  most who know nothing about islam and yet are followed blindly by the illiterate.  The large farmers, landowners, who treat their land as private fiefdoms and those on the land as slaves – truly shocking in this day and age.

Earthquakes and floods and corrupt leaders and liars.  Most pakistanis are in denial – living in a twilight zone amongst their lies and pretensions of being religious and righteous.

Look at the present time so many people want to send money but refuse to give in case it goes to the government as is well known as the money goes comes in, the politicians pockets are being well oiled with the blood and poverty of their people.  So many are now giving to ARY tv and to Imran Khan, cricketer, to edhi foundation and khair foundation, and are finding small organisations whom they trust to give out the aid rather than giving to an organisation where it will end up with the corrupters

Time things started to change and those who can turn the country around without the aid of foreigners and their killing machines.

The other tragedy of the floods is that their neighbour let go tons of water during the start of the floods and again recently so of course that does not help Pakistan.

Foreign governments seems to be many waiting to get in and destroy the country and take over and divide it up with some, if not all to India and any other foreign government who wants it.

Time Pakistani’s came clean and did what is correct and morally right for their country.  Educate, no more lies, and rule with justice and fairness as is in the Quran not conceptual or even tribal customs.  Does not work the present mode as can be seen.

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