Mideast peace talks – farce – while the leaders talk gaza and the west bank burns

well today was not a bad day – bit of rain otherwise lovely weather.  Almost the end of the growing season – beans are doing well and lots of tomatos.  Glasgow is getting ready for the papal visit.  But what an embarrasment some German cardinal made a very obvious racist remark about the UK – saying it is a third world country, especially when landing in heathrow – erm tolerance never heard of that for such a religious figure?  We are a multi-cultural society thank goodness.

Mideast peace talks – complete farce – while the leaders talk gaza and the west bank burns.  Yep you read right.  The Israelis over the last few days or should i say week have been bombing Gaza continuously – of course the western media do not report it – but if the Gazan’s dare retaliate once it becomes so intolerable and so many dead with a few fire crackers all of a sudden there is a huge hullaballoo and the poor downtrodden and defenceless Israeli’s are protected and told how sad it is for them and how terrible the gazans are – yeah right – gimme a break.  Then the poor palestinians in the west bank – continously being killed, harrased, losing homes by the israeli settlers and army and if they dare retaliate another hullaballoo and how the poor downtrodden israelis are suffering – yeah right gimme a break.  so will anything change – only if someone physically cracks a few israeli heads and says to them NO MORE ARMS, NO MORE MONEY, NO MORE TRADE till you start behaving but is this likely to happen – as much as me going to the planet Mars and back in 24hrs with evidence of existence of aliens.

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