largest convoy of ships and vehicles on way to break illegal gaza blockade

funny old day today – rain and sunshine and some rainbows and a wee bit of a chill wind from the north.  We could have a good old fashioned cold winter again – great as i prefer that in the seasons rather than no difference.  The black chilli peppers are turning red and are sweet with most having no seeds!  they were billed as medium/hot on the packet yeah sure.  But are not bad in taste.  The jasmine i have brought inside as they are full of flowers and dont want a cold spell to kill them off.

Well the largest convoy so far by road left the UK yesterday on its way to Gaza where it will be joined enroute by other vehicles and meet up with a convoy from Qatar and Morocco.  Plus the largest fleet of ships about 60 are on their way to Gaza – let’s all do the morally right thing and support our heros on their way and keep sending letters to your MPs/MEPs protesting the Israeli atrocities continually taking place in Gaza and the West Bank (at the time of writing and as you read this too) all in the name of morality!

Not only that but protest to your MPs and MEPs and Ministers to stop the European Union, that means your country in the  EU, from upgrading relationships with Israel until they stop their murderous killings and stealing of land.  Last week the Israeli pm ordered his diplomats to lobby the European Union countries to force them to upgrade the Israelis to be partners.  Do you want a murderous country like Israel to be a member of the European Union?  They are not even situated in europe.  Not only that but if it was not for the brave Irish all our data could have been stored in Israel.  Eeeks a land who does not care about their friends and uses their passports to do covert operations.  Disgraceful.

Don’t forget to boycott israeli goods – otherwise you are feeding their war machines and apartheid system.  Read all the labels to see where they are coming from, check out any banking investment products and ask if your investments are legal or Israeli apartheid generated income.

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