that cad cameron, ethnic cleansing of palestine in the 21st Century

rainy glasgow again – but the cucumbers are growing and the black chilli peppers are doing well too.  hope it gets sunnier soon and for a few weeks or the watermelon will not grow – they are still titchy,  Squash this year was great and guess what the chickpeas grew and were lovely.  though feel sorry for craig cos sold him some plants and one morning he discovered lots of empty shells – mice!

so here’s the story our cad cameron – new leader – change from the old labour boys  – or is it really?  Think about foreign policy – any changes erm no.  Goes to the States then goes to India and guess what Pakistani’s are all terrorists – sounds familiar.  though remember they did vote all as one and one for all for the Iraq invasion – conseratives = labour.  Not only that but the cad cameron not so long ago several days ago – is whinging that the Israeli’s are getting a bad time by the world.  Knock knock, anyone in that noodle of yours cad cameron?  How about reading some real news of what happens in Gaza and the West Bank.  The ethnic cleansing of Palestine is taking place and instead of stopping it, Cad Cameron and his ilk and the media are propogating it further by staying silent allowing the attack of the settlers to continue and these governments are giving more arms to the Israelis – aye as if they need them.

Why not expand his horizons a bit from insularity to much needed world knowledge. so here goes just a few days back shall we start cad cameron, dont want to tire out your wee mind – you’ve got a country to run remember?  Have not put the most extremist Israeli news below as they incite hatred in all communities worldwide and the Israeli’s are doing this all their own anyway.

24 July 2010

Fatah’s Jerusalem affairs chief Hatem Abdel Qader stopped by Israeli intelligence after crossing into northern Jerusalem at the Ar-Ram checkpoint on Saturday – maan news

Israel’s new master plan – grab land – what’s new ?  Master plan is to “bring Jews to eastern Jerusalem at any cost. We must settle tens of thousands of Jews in a brief time. Jews will agree to settle in eastern Jerusalem even in shacks. We cannot await the construction of orderly neighborhoods. The essential thing is that Jews will be there.” In large numbers they’re displacing Palestinians, destroying their homes, seizing their land” . By bombarding and besieging villages and population centers, destroying communities, and expelling or killing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, it planned an exclusive Jewish state, excluding Arabs by any means, including mass-murder, dispossession, and persecution, ongoing to this day, what Palestinians heroically resist – Dissident Voice

villagers in Al-Farisiya, northern Jordan valley village,  were forced into poverty when Israeli  soldiers demolished 79 structures in the village, including homes, stables, sheds, water tanks, two tons of animal fodder, fertilizer and wheat – Maan News Agency

Israeli soldiers forcibly dispersed a rally against settlement expansion in Beit Ummar village in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, participants said.  21-year-old British national sustained bruises to the head and back after being hit by a tear-gas canister and stun grenade – maan news agency

European Solidarity” was the theme of Friday’s anti-wall protest in Al-Ma’sara village south of Bethlehem, which saw one person injured and two detained.   A French woman was taken to hospital to have shrapnel removed from her ear after a sound bomb exploded by her head. The injury required four stitches, and she will be kept overnight to test for hearing problems, the committee said.  Soldiers detained, and later released, a journalist and a photographer in what the committee described as an “unwarranted attack on freedom of the press.” – maan news agency

Israelis wanted for war crimes can sleep easier thanks to their friends and admirers in the British Establishment.  Yes, our brand-new coalition government intends providing a safe haven for the vilest of criminals — dissident voice

Shame on you cad cameron – shame shame shame and what about you lib democrats – where is your voice, integrity, sense of justice? what happened to you? become cad cameron’s willies?

25 July 2010

Gazans denied medical treatment by Israel by preventing the restoration and development of the Strip’s healthcare system; and — restricting travel to the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Israel, or neighboring countries for treatmen – War is a

26 July 2010

Illegal Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Storm Nablus Areas, Attacking Palestinians, Damaging Property, Burning Agricultural Fields – al jazeerah Peace Information Cente

Israeli Police Impunity – A decision by Israel’s Supreme Court to double a 15-month jail term for a policeman who shot dead an unarmed Palestinian driver suspected of stealing a car has provoked denunciations from police commanders and government officials.   Yitzhak Aharonovitch, the internal security minister, condemned the judges for “sending a terrible message to police officers”.   On the advice of police lawyers, the accused policeman, Shahar Mizrahi, had appealed his conviction last year in the expectation that the ruling would be overturned by the Supreme Court.   Mr Aharonovitch and Dudi Cohen, the police commissioner, said they would immediately seek a presidential pardon for Mizrahi. “I won’t merely support a pardon bid, I’ll lead it,” Mr Aharonovitch said.  Jonathan Cook

Without provocation, an Israeli tank fired two artillery shells at the family’s home. Amira Jaber Abu Said, 30, was hit and wounded in the shoulder by a piece of shrapnel and by steel darts, called flechettes. Her sister-in-law, 26-year-old Sanaa Ahmed Abu Said, was wounded in the foot. Panicking, they took shelter inside their home and called an ambulance. Meanwhile, from the direction of the nearby military turret, an Israeli armor-plated vehicle was stationed underneath and a machine gun was still shooting toward the family and continued to do so for a solid ten minute – electronic intifada

27 July 2010

The Israeli Ministry revoked residency rights of 721 Palestinians, including 108 who lost this right since the beginning of this year until June 6. This means that a total of 829 Palestinians were stripped of their residency rights in 1.5 years in Jerusalem. – international middle east media centre

Israeli authorities have demolished the homes of about 300 Bedouins in a village in the southern Negev desert. The entire village of al-Arakib was bulldozed on Tuesday, with many of the former residents’ cattle, trees and belongings lost – al jazeera

Fresh settler attacks on nablus – ettlers launched their second attack of the day on a northern West Bank village, setting fire to land and olive trees and throwing rocks – maan news agency

Israeli soldiers invaded on Monday at night Beit Forik village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus after closing all of its entrances. n related news, a group of armed settlers attempted to invade Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah. The settlers gathered at the entrance of the village and tried to invade it. They also tried to attack a number of residents; no injuries were reported – IMEMC

28 July 2010

Around 300 Palestinian bedouin living in Israel’s Negev desert were left homeless on Tuesday after hundreds of police raided their village and demolished their homes, police and rights groups said – Daily Star

29 July 2010

A group of armed Israeli settlers took over on Thursday a Palestinian owned house located in Jerusalem old city. Residents said Israeli police provided protection for the settlers as they stormed the house removed the family and took it over – Palestinian News Network

obert Serry, the UN special envoy to the Middle East peace process, condemned the takeover by armed settlers of a building in occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday – Maan News Agency

30 July 2010

Today 30 July 2010 the people of Bil’in were joined by several groups of internationals, including a group of rappers from Britain and the US. A large part of the demonstrators managed to approach the soldiers who had already entered the gate. Two people were detained for a while, following large amounts of tear gas, eventually forcing the protestors back towards the village. One Israeli protestor was hit by a tear gas canister in his leg, causing pain, while another British citizen was dragged several meters by soldier, causing his back bruising and bleeding – norman finkelstein

31 July 2010

Dozens of Israeli settlers attacked a village south of the West Bank city of Nablus and set fire to village land on Friday, reports said. – maan news agency

njuries were reported across the West Bank as Israeli soldiers responded to weekly non-violent anti-wall protests with tear gas, sound grenades and detentions on Friday – maan news agency

Israeli forces turned away Palestinian medical teams at a checkpoint erected at Iraq Burin on Saturday morning, telling international medical volunteers that the area was a “closed military zone. – maan news agency

1 August 2010

Israeli soldiers arrested a PalTel employee at his office in Dura, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, on Sunday. Soldiers raided the town and surrounded the telecommunications office, and arrested the head of the branch, Yousef Qazaz – maan news agency

2 August 2010

Today, August 2nd, marks one year since the Hanoun and al-Ghawi families were evicted from their homes  in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem at 5:30 in the morning by Israeli security forces. international solidarity movement

3 August 2010

Israeli airstikes killed a Palestinian resistance activist and wounded another early Wednesday morning 4 August, east of Khan Younis in the occupied Gaza Strip, reports Reuters, citing Palestinian medical sources. This latest attack comes on the heels of five days of Israeli missile strikes, Palestinian rocket fire and other explosions that have injured dozens and killed one leader of the armed wing of Hamas – electronic intifada

Israel shoots another man as he attempts to gather construction materials. imemc

On 3 August 2010, DCI-Palestine submitted a case involving the use of a child as a human shield to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture for further investigation – DCI

TV cameras have captured the terrible moment of a five-year-old Palestinian boy seeing his father arrested by Israeli soldiers, nearby Hebron.In the video, the kid, Khaled Jabari, wails in torment and confusion as Israeli Army drag away his father, Fadel, for stealing water – palestine monitor / ramallah online

4 August 2010

he Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the recent raid on a Nablus TV channel, which included the beating of three journalists working for the channel and the confiscation of filmed material by officers from the Palestinian Customs Department, who also closed the channel. – imemc

16 persons of conscious, including the village’s mayor, have been arrested in the West Bank village of al-Walaja, on Wednesday, protesting the construction of the annexation wall. imemc

5 August 2010

Israeli settlers set fire Thursday to Palestinian agriculture lands in east of Hebron city in the West Bank – Palestine Telegraph

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers raided the unrecognized Bedouin village of Araqib in the Negev Wednesday, demolishing homes for the second time in days. Four people were injured and six detained in the violence that accompanied the new demolition, said village residents. JMCC

israel has approved plans for the construction of 40 new settlement units in one of the illegal settlements in the occupied East al-Quds (Jerusalem). The Israeli municipality authorities in al-Quds endorsed the constructions on Monday as part of a wider plan to erect 220 new houses in the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, Israeli news site Ynet reported. – the palestine chronicle

6 August 2010

Ancient Tombstones – graveyard destroyed by Israel – Israel’s Jerusalem Municipality said Thursday that tombstones razed by authorities a day earlier in a 12th-century Muslim cemetery were “built illegally with the aim to take over the plot. – maan news agency

In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory for the week of 29 July – 04 August 2010, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights found that Israeli forces killed two Palestinian resistance fighters, one of whom was killed in an extra-judicial execution, in the Gaza Strip. Two resistance fighters were wounded by Israeli bombardment – IMEMC

According to OCHA (the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), Palestinians face a serious water crisis, being denied access to their own resources. War is a

you get the gist cad cameron?

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