our ex-democratic dictator aka tony blair’s book

well the days here in Glasgow are certainly brighter after the rains of july.  I dont think the watermelon in the greenhouse will give anything – next year i will plant it in march and see what happens.  But the black chilli peppers (the leaves of these have black colour running through them and the stalk  are striped with black lines vertically) are coming along nicely and the lemon flavoured chilli peppers (the leaves of these have white specks) are beginning to give fruit.  not only that but the aubergine is a long green aubergine like a chillie rather than the traditional purple one.  certainly different.  this weekend we will the chickpea leaves and cook them in curry – they are supposed to be very good – a lot of the neighbours keep asking us for the leaves to cook.  forgot my white egret orchids have flowered spendidly and most of them give between 4-7 flowers each.  Truly beautiful wee plants.

Anyway our ex-democratic dictator has published a book and just to try to get some sales he announced this week that all the profits of sales shall go to the injured soliders charity.  What a cunningly calculated ploy as he must have realised the negativity which this has generated and the fact that people will not buy it apart from the americans or sycophants and other fringe loony hangers off -of him.  The man who brought us the illegal iraq war, disregarded public opinion, advise and followed his willie, from across the pond.  Personally that will not wash the blood from his hands nor will people forgive what he did.  I personally would rather give the amount of the book directly to the charity and that way not only is there no middleman but the charity will get more money.

I hope that instead of buying our ex-democratic dictators book that everyon donates the amount of the book directly to the charity – Royal British Legion Battle Back challenge centre.

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