stop picking on us you anti-semite - ah the poor diddums

what did you say ‘stop picking on us’ – who me?  the sane people in the world?  certainly you could not say that of our corrupt leaders.  Picking on you?  why would we ?  poor diddums.  Such a morally correct nation that the world has ever known – so legally correct that the rose coloured tinted lenses are so clear and sharp.

What did you say ?  maimings, shootings, killings, flotilla, incarceration of 1.5 million palestinians, stealing of land ? Not you?  then who?  Was it the jinn or the devils?  Maybe it was the fish in the sea who ganged up and did the murderous thuggings? Or the birds?  Could be marauding pirates on their nightly raids looking to pillage and rape the land and people for their own  self righteous beliefs?

What did you say?  the land is empty no one is there it’s a first come first serve land?  You sure not a single person living there to be seen?  The Palestinians they invisible?  are you saying they dont exist and it is a desert of nothing not even bugs? what a land of such denials and lies coming out of the backsides of the deniers – deadly hot wind gassing the innocents and rose tinting the so called leaders of democracy in the world.

What did you say? zionists rule the world?  well we all know the real capital of the good old usa is tel aviv and who the real rulers of the good old usa is Israel of course you silly things – washington is defunct.  nothing is done without their say so in the good old usa who with such gratitude give billions in arms and money to the detriment of their own citizens in the  good old usa even the destruction and killing of americans is allowed to happen as long as Israel does it – what a country such laissez-faire.

What did you say?  democracy – truly the only real democracy in the world? wouldnt allow another in the middle east may cramp your style? oh.   everyone got a say no matter who they are minority, majority, inbetween? no one denied getting a good old fashioned beating – treating your people fairly? really? wow what a nation no denials, equality for all, ostrich heads in the sand, trigger happy settlers, grab a land .  such a democracy.  never picks on anyone less equal than themselves you must have millions wanting to settle there, any normal people?

what did you say you anti semite?  why do you keep singling us out ?  no other nation is singled out for any reason at all.   Iran is you say of course they are not we are.  You just hate us dont you?  that is why you criticise us and say those outrageous lies against us israelis you anti-semite.  we only kill terrorists no one else.  civilians you say?  dont exist, never touch them, they never come near our land, never only terrorists.

Ah we can go on and on and on and nothing will ever change.  has there been an independent enquiry into Israel’s murderous flotilla massacre?  Of course not and the leaders of the world have stepped back and become soft on the poor diddums.  Cant upset the zionists they might start being upset and what will the world come to?  Peace of course then where will the world be – they’l have to think of another war or raison d’etre.

what is that you say?  security your security?  surely the palestinians deserve equal security?  they are not nothing,  nor are they slaves or drones or servants but real living people with familes and feelings and blood just like you.  Hamas – ah yes the bogey man.

The denials continue. the truth comes out slowly but surely about their activities and it will be people like you and me, the so called terrorists, who will be the downfall of Israel.  As long as a nation is oppressed, a government maligned, and innocents killed we will stand by and go and fight in their cause in peace using our words and pens.  Every nation beware we the people are up in arms and enough is enough.

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