freedom flotilla - update - right wingers on their way for a fight!

well how unresponsible can a country get israeli right wingers, you know the ones who go and steal Palestinian land and beat up palestinians including defenceless women and children are on their way in their own flotilla to give the brave souls a beating up and probably cause several drownings, rammings of ships whilst of course the israeli navy will just sit aside and watch as they do on land.

Absolutely shocking they should have been stopped by their government!  What a farce.

The flotilla goes in peace not for a fight with duckheads!

Spread the news and keep our heros safe from the aggressors tweet using #flotilla

see article from viva palestina about the grave dangers faced by our heros on their way to break an illegal disgraceful seige

well am sorry to say that when i reported earlier that the greeks and turks were finally working together for a good cause all i can say is that they have been pressured by the israelis and so now cyprus and greece have reneged their deal to allow on board the high level people.  Too much duck-sucking going on around the world to appease an apartheid nation.   yuck

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