freedom flotilla sets sails with over 750 brave souls after a day of delay and sabotage on two boats as gaza burns with israeli raids

hurray the flotilla has set sail after two ships were mysterioulsy grounded – sabotaged and the greek cypriots in a u-turn refused to help.  Watch the livestream here of the flotilla and pass on to all your friends.  watch updates here live also

Commandos on the israeli ships – are they crazy?  these are peaceful heros not enemy combatants,

The aid on board has been checked by independent auditors and there is nothing on board that can be used for any kind of military use.

On top of that of course Gaza burns as for the second night in a row they have been bombed by the israelis.

Take action worldwide write to your local mps, press, call up your news tv people raise the awareness of the flotilla and keep our heros safe. scroll to the bottom and contact your worldwide mps etc

Remember they are in international waters – it is illegal to detain them there – stop the Israeli Pirates, ooops meant navy, in their stride.

keep watching Press TV and Al Jazeera for latest news – if you dont have it on your tv watch it via internet.

Join the Flotille-Trending list at (There is a link on the right hand side that says “Tweet to Join”, click on it.) Then Follow All (link above the box to the right). This is so that you will see the tweets from the other members and would be able to retweet their tweets quickly.

On Sunday, May 30th, starting from 12pm Cairo Time, 5am Eastern, start tweeting fiercely and as fast as you can. Tweets has to include one and only one hashtag: #Flotilla. Please do not include any other hashtag in your tweets, otherwise your tweet will not count in the trending.

Tell all your followers, put on your avatars, friends, family. colleagues, local shops.

UPDATE 1 – HURRAY challenger 1 has joined them after being repaired hurray for the Irish

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