Freedom Flotilla - innocent civilians massacred by Israeli animals

Under cover of darkness they came and start to shoot indiscriminately – the innocent civilians 100% of them were waiting eagerly for daylight and to get to gaza with much needed aid.  This was not to be so, as the Israeli’s stormed and shot and killed and maimed the innocents.

Where they violating any international treaties -NO they were on international waters 65km from Gaza – so near their destination.

No guns just food – no armour just wheelchairs – no bullets just peace  That is all they were doing trying to break an injustice to a people who have suffered enough under daily and nightly raids, phosperous bombs, children taken to Israeli prisons and violated and so much more.  Is this the act of a morally democratic nation?  No it is the act of wild person under attack and in desperation.

Of course the lies are now coming out from that terrible nation – they were fired upon just like they say that all humanitarian organisations are liars – you decide who you would rather believe.  Personally i would never believe an israeli, especially after this evil and unnecesary attack.

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