freedom flotilla in international waters- drones passing over, hostile israeli warships fast approaching, lifejackets donned

It is dark now and of course the inevitable cowardly acts have started.   I suppose the dark hides whatever dark deeds they may be about to do so that there is nothing that can be seen unlike during the day time.

israeli drones have been heard over the convoy.  Three hostile israeli navy vessels are approaching the freedom flotilla and everyone on board has their lifejackets  on.  One never knows.

The convoy is in international waters – dont let the Israeli pirates, oops navy, get away with their atrocieties.  Save our heros.

They are jamming the Turk-Sat Feed – pray and start making lots and lots of noise – save our heros

Start tweeting, calling local and national press and tv stations, start making war cries – FREE FREE GAZA – our brave heros on their way with their humanitarian aid needs your help.

live streaming – pass it on to as many as possible – BE A WITNESS – BE A REPORTER the mainstream media do not care – BE CARING

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