freedom flotilla - 750+ brave souls - threatened by israel to board in international waters

The vessels have now been contacted by the hostile Isreaeli war boats – stop and go to ashdod or be boarded.  Danger danger danger – save our heros

Under the cover of darkness strikes are made – there is danger.  How can the delivering of peaceful aid be a terrorist act?  Dear Israel if you do not know the definition of ‘terrorist act’  please may i point you to the oxford dictionary or the many dictionaries online and offline who would be so happy to define this.  If you are unable to read then there are many videos online which will define this.

This is the time to act now – or our brave souls lives may be be lost by israeli warship pirates.

From someone with contacts in the Israeli military, the following message has been translated.

Commando units that will be used to stop the boats. He says they are highly trained, very efficient and very SILENT.
They will use silent inflatable boats to get to our boats and both try to board our boats directly from the inflatables and by dropping divers into the water to clime onto the boats.

He said that no matter the circumstances, the boats must NOT travel by night or with little light. They must keep in formation at all times, with the smaller boats in the inside and the larger boats on the outside. They must not allow any israeli boats to penetrate the formation.

But we are traveling at night, so everyone out there needs to be aware of what the Israeli military is planning. If this does happen, we have been forewarned. The boats have also. Lubna has just reported that some kind of plane came over the ships, perhaps trying to block the satellite and it looks suspiciously like a drone.. which would make sense.

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