enough is enough - time to lift an illegal blockade, Palestinians have rights to defend themselves too

ROAR like lions and let your voices echo around the world louder than the silence that echos around the world from the world leaders when israel misbehaves.  ROAR for the Rachel Corrie like you have never roared before on her way to Gaza even after all that has happened.  ROAR until the blockade of gaza is lifted and the rights of the palestinians to live and defend themselves is recognised.  Let the Israeli’s understand that no more will we accept any country who declares they are such a morally correct and democratic rogue state be allowed to get away with acts of criminality and state terrorism.

Our hearts go out to our brave heroes killed and wounded by a terrorist state in international waters who were only delivering much needed aid to a country whose only fault has been that they democratically elected Hamas.  Who is Israel to say that they are terrorists and that they should not rule?  they may rule the USA and its policies but they do not rule Gaza – butt out and stop atealing land.

Hamas – the present democratically elected rulers of Gaza – because the west and israel did not like that their puppet was not elected decided to boycott and blockade.  Hamas is a social network who does good but because of the blockade is under great strain to keep control.  They have kept their words when they said no rockets will be sent and they kept it unlike Israel who broke their word everytime.  Hamas is the best for Palestinians as they care about their people unlike corrupt Fatah.

Those lies damn lies keep coming out and contradicting each other – what a trip these Israeli’s are having too many loose shoe laces.  Maybe some fish-smacking, not fresh fish please, may help them realise what is true and get their stories synced – suchcosmetic  fluidity.  lie 1 = the flotilla only had Hamas terrorists on board – ?  lie 2 = they had weapons (images coming out of knives and the Words of Allah and sticks where are the guns etc?)  lie 3 = those on board are in talks with hamas and other terrorists organisations so are linked with them and are the same as them.  lie 4 they fired on us first.  lie ….

UN Security council – ah yes the inevitable – talk talk blah blah – USA NO NO NO we cannot hurt that poor morally correct and only democratic country in the world, ooops meant to say middle east.  We condemn the world for condemning Israel.  But of course we must not forget the americans are  really ruled in secret by Israel.

USA – ah yes ruled by a morally democratic country, their people ignorant of the real facts and will come out that Israel is the victim and this was a trap set by Hamas etc to get Israel into trouble and why dont we send them more arms the poor we sods.

Israel – those poor sods still living in a past and the only way they can justify anything is to keep their people in constant fear and alert for war otherwise they may fall apart and the world could become square.  Their battle cry is anti-semite if criticised – no longer holds true – crying wolf constantly you know what happens.   Continually biting off their feet and more tripping, so many loose laces maybe they need shoes without any, going from one condemnation to another all in the name of self-defence and to keep their existence as an aggressor alive.  SUPER NANNY WHERE ARE YOU ISRAEL NEEDS YOU NOW.

Arab league – corrupt greedy sods who do nothing but blah blah like the UN and then forget and go back to their comfortable corrupt lives until woken up out of their stupor by another crisis.

Ordinary people of the world – they see things as they are and fight for the rights of the oppressed.  Often mailigned, called lefties, terrorists for caring, and other such names but they are the ones who see it as it is the discrimination, injustice, terror.

Freedom Flotilla – early this morning at dawn as you were going quietly in the still night minding your own business you learnt how Palestinian lives are like in Gaza and the West Bank constantly.  Something you had no need to know so physically.  Just like any good captain and its crew if anyone enters your boat you will fight them off – and that is what you did with your hands and whatever you had to no avail as the shooting started indiscriminately.   Now you are all at ashdod being processed and those injured in an israeli hospital.  How will you be treated like the poor palestinians or slightly better?  What about the children on board traumatised.

Justice – this will only be served when there is an independent review of what has happened and actions follow not words as per usual.  When Gaza is free and the West Bank.  Time the UN troops went into Gaza and West Bank in the thousands to protect the people and the land from being killed and stolen and an independent view of what is happening on teh ground.  So many night raids and killings by Israel no matter what a few rockets do not hurt anyone compared to the firepower supplied by the county they really rule over the pond.

Such acts will not make Israel more likeable in anyway – maybe they do not need friends – we all need friends no matter what.

The protests worldwide even here in scotland were heard and so quickly assembled that it is a great courage and determination of those who seek justice to a long injustice.

GO RACHEL CORRIE GO – we are behind you all the way – may God be with you all the way.

ROAR to end the blockade.  Lets take a 1,000 ships with aid and hundreds of thousands of peace loving people – Ghandi was right in his peace walk go with thousands so what if they kill us how many can they possibly kill until the killing stops and peace starts immediately and the blockade goes.  Heros all who go to lift an unjust blockade against a people who did nothing wrong but elect whom they want to democratically to rule them.  They have a right to defend themselves with arms just like any nation in the world and dont ever forget that.

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