jailed and tortured children as young as 5, drain covers, more superbugs

Yesterday we went to Ayr and walked along the beach and of course picked up the inevitable seashells – so more in the garden just sitting there until the wind blows them away.  but not icecream cos the machine in the shop was not working.  Today the rain this morning and wind were good to see after so long and great for giving the garden a good soaking.  Noticed that despite the recent snows and cold the potato’s have shoots.  Slugs have eaten the spinach again but little do they know i have ordered those titchy bugs that eat them up.  Did think of buying the slug eating plant but it is not a native and who knows how much of a pest or weed they could become so will use their native enemy the bug thingies.  Hope they are safe for humans and dont go into the plants?  So 12million bugs will be put on the patches of ground over the next few weeks.  Yeuch.

who would have thought it, this is something you would expect during a war, well suppose we are in an illegal war thanks to our ex-democratic dictator, but 51`drain covers have been nicked in stirling and clackmannanshire.  Dangerous as anyone could just fall into the holes and hurt themselves never mind the expense to replace them.  Anyone got some extra drain covers they somehow inherited, would be good to return them before someone has an accident.  surely you cannot be so poor that you needed the money by reselling them for scrap metal?  That i cannot believe or is it more greed and not caring about the damage and injuries that i can cause?  Shame on you thieves.

Several hospitals are cutting their cleaning contracts which of course means that there will be even more dirtier hospitals and guess what more superbug infections and more wards being closed due to winter vomiting bug.  why hospitals do not hire their own staff and take on the responsibility of cleaning i do not know.  Hire the staff like they used to in the old days and it used to be clean the hospitals and not smelling of pee all the time.  Agency staff have their own agenda the agency they work for unlike hospital staff.   Well let’s hope that this will see cleaners hired directly and hospital hygiene improving.

Ah yes the most democratic country in the world with the most moral army has been filmed taking children as young as 5 as prisoners and not only jailing them but have read that they are being tortured.  Those poor babies what kind of an inhumane people are these israeli’s – if they were such a moral army then they would not be arresting children and not only that torturing them.   Who arrests children in a democratic country?  No one except Israel of course.  More than 300 children are being detained in israeli jails.  Ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children are “widespread, systematic and institutionalised” DCI quote (defence for children international).  full article is here for all to read and to forward to as many as possible so that these atrocities are reported more widely.

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