is the pope an anomaly?

is the pope system an anomoly?  surely there must be more which is hidden by the vatican – what about murders and burglaries?  A system which has child molestors surely must have thiefs and murders and others which are hidden like the molestors were.   thank goodness for internet and tv otherwise this type of abuse would still be kept hidden for goodness knows how many more centuries?

Not only that but the molestors are still not convicted or in jail?  Where are they because i dont want any of my family anywhere near where they have been sent to.  Does the pope think that once the priest has been talked to he will stop his abuse?  Very naive a bit like a man who beats his wife and afterwards says that he promises to stop – yeah until the next time something sets of his abuse.

So has the time now come that the pope and unmarried priests system changes to reflect more christianity?  Apparently i undertand that the main reason that the priests were made to be celebate was because then the wealth could not be divided into the family of the priest but straight to the vatican.  So what is more important greed for money and wealth or honest morality and christianity?  Does this not go against the grain of christianity?

Thanks to the unwillingness of the vatican to change they will lose many many followers.  Time for them to reflect in this new century of information.

Today is Easter surely the easter address should always be addressed from Jerusalem rather from the Vatican ?  Jerusalem and the Palestinian and israeli areas is where Jesus came from so Easter addresses and christmas addresses would be more meaningful coming directly from there and more authentic?

Easter is a time of rebirth is it time for a rebirth in the catholic system instead of denial and accusing those of who are affected and media as ‘gossiping’ ?

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