glasgow green, atm scams be careful, gaza raids and chinese babies

forgot what glasgow green is like – such a lovely wee park on the clyde and so near the centre. It is the oldest park in Glasgow.   Hundreds of years ago people used to hang their washing up in the Green and graze their animals.  The Green was gifted in 1450 to by the Bishop of turnbull.    Was watching the Great Escape today and like those prisoners who made the tunnels and escaped made me think that the park is a living think may not be like humans but still a living breathing thing and it has had a great escape from all those who tried to turn it into various things like mining, canal/quay and other ventures.   Just like the escapists it is often used as the place where demonstrations start or end and has been the central gathering ground for years and is where i and so many associate with reform and struggle and rallies.  there is also the lovely people’s palace there a lovely wee museum.

another atm scam has been perpetrated at an atm in greenock, the police took one out three days before at an rbs atm in morrisons, greenock and guess what the theives came back and put in another scammer.

well once again gaza has been bombed by the Israeli and innocent have been badly injured as well as more infrastucture destroyed.  And all thanks to the good old USA who sold these bombs and arms and also gave so many arms free to the Israeli’s.  Do the American people not realise that by aiding and abetting an apartheid state like Israel that they are putting their lives in danger or are they really that dumb?  By being unfair in their treatment of the israel-palestinian conflict they are perceived as not honest brokers and complicit in all the murders committed against the palestinians.  time for a regime change of mind in the good old usa instead of being bullied and hoodwinked by their outsourced government.

Not only that but dozens of baby bodies were dumped by a hospital in china in a river.  That is so gross and disgusting.  Have they no humanity in them?  Why were they not buried?  So inhumane and what about those poor parents.

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