who are they kidding?

rain is back – great for the garden and plants.

50 free bikes to ride on will be installed in Glasgow soon – wonder how long before they get misplaced or should i say nobbled/nicked/stolen or whatever.    The bikes are made in Russia and it is to travel around the city.

So who are they kidding the americans on the one hand give israel a hard time and then on the other hand giving israel arms.  Where is the logic in this?  Either stop and be strict with them, supernanny would know how and put them on the naughty step or corner or wherever, or say nothing and continue as before.  But this way israel gets a wee slap and as a reward for the slap arm?  Nope definitely supernanny is needed where are you supernanny ?

Well the Christians today clashed with the Israeli’s when they tried to get to Bethlehem during their Palm Sunday parade.  Before the Israeli’s were careful how they treated the Christians but now with an even more rightwing hardline government it is more out in the open than ever before spreading the message we do not care what the world thinks of us cos the world well the west will always back us no matter what we do.  Most people think it is just the muslims causing problems but they have rightly being defending their land and rights unlike the Christians who have gone on quietly and let their lands and churches be destroyed by an apartheid nation bent on leaving no trace of other people on the land.  This is not a problem of the religion of Judaism but a problem of land and always has been and if anyone says it has to do with religion then they are talking crap.  Pure and simple fight for land and those who stir up religious war and fervour are not only stupid but lying.   yet i dont understand the bible belt christians in the states who say nothing or the pope who do nothing to ensure their holy places are secure.  Mind you the arabs just talk anyway and do nothing.  what a shame – no pride in the religion or care.

Well the arab summit did nothing really just fat men in long dresses yackity yacking as usual.  personally i would have expected at least the Qatari emir or whoever else was there to punch the Egyptians but as usual they are only there for the freebies and a wee luxury break.  never mind about the poor and hungary and oppressed in many of their lands.  They do not know their Islam very well.

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