wave and tidal energy, security surely for all sides?

10 new tidal and wave energy projects will be made in orkney and pentland peninsula and the potential energy created will be four times that of dounreay – which means no more nuclear power stations in Scotland – hip hip hurray.  We dont want nor need nuclear up here at all.  Scotland is leading the world in this technology.

But what i dont understand though is that we have so much energy production and yet the bills never go down?  Bit strange that isn’t it?

the US and Israel and the rest of the world talk about security for Israel but what about security for the Palestinians?  I dont hear that anywhere especially since over 1,000 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli’s last year and how many Israeli’s – count fingers on one hand and minus that if even.  tear gas is being used by the israeli’s on unarmed civilians and not only that but of course israel is constantly stealing land, disregard of anyone and today their leader said that ‘no one likes us so we will continue as before’ – complete disregard to their best buddy across the pond and disrespect.  Like a spoilt child maybe the US needs to hire supernanny to show them how to make their spoilt child become like a normal democratic country – whatever that means in this day and age.  especially since human nature is torn towards aggression and fighting and the flavour of the moment is islamophobia before it was something else but the aggression was there.  so will israel keep continuing as they have done for 42 years or will they finally be stopped and will obama and his people be strong enough to keep the israeli lobby at bay?  only time will tell.  apparently the israelis are biding their time and praying that obamarama will only be a one off president not twice so that their present angsts will disappear.  Supernanny where are you when you are needed against spoilt child countries?  So who is more important americans abroad or their best friend think about that?  By saying that the security of americans are at risk is a bit of a misnomer – yeah crap it is more at risk stupid americans open your eyes and see where your $2bn dollars are going to a country which is using it for arms surely aid should be for non military especially since they must receive billions from their own home grown companies like Dell etc?

the Belgians when they went to the congo they tortured the congolese so much that that is the why they are aggressive and bad now because until the belgians arrived they knew nothing about cruelty and torture.  Not only that but this part of history is hidden in belgian.  I can believe it though especially since so many children go misssing every day in belgian and they are either kept in belgium or moved to the netherlands or france – heavy traffic it is so disgusting and all these countries have ID cards so how come all the paedophiles have not been caught and murderes of children.   But the worst everyone knows were the spanish inquisition people so evil.

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