it was bloefeld, serial violator

Feels like spring the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm though some would say cold.   Repaired a neighbours laptop and did a lot of gardening – warm enough to plant potatos so planted some in a large tub.

Well seems it is de rigeur that anybody who is anybody must be present at chilcot so it was girder gordies turn last week.  He did not disappoint and as I have always said he is the same as our ex democratic dictator blair but of the deadly silent type .  He did not disappoint and on form said that ‘it was right to invade iraq and that sadam was a serial violator.   What exactly is the definition of serial violator?  What about Israel?  Is this country not a serial violator?  So how come they have not been invaded?  What about other serial violators such as Mugabe or are they exempt?  No apology for the disaster they unleashed on Iraq or the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed?  Girder gordie you have blood on your hands just as much as your old buddy the dirty blair.  We will not be voting for your party.  Not only that but your policy of not allowing the israeli war criminals to be arrested by changing the law in their favour shows that like  your predecessor another countries citizens are more important than UK citizens and their vote.  Labour we will of course not be voting for you nor for the conservatives who are just the same as yourself but even more slimier yeuch.  anyway the chilcotters failed to ask any meaningful questions and were completely bullied by girder gordie in that they did not have the chance nor the inclination methinks  to ask anything cos he just droned on and on and on and on.  What a droner.

Ah the saga continues – the israelis methinks have found a culprit behind the great murder – bloefeld.  Yep it is true what a perfect culprit.  Apparently after a full and careful investigation done clandestinely they found who was behind it,  bloefeld masterminded the whole affair and they of course are innocent.  Dubai who have dna and finger prints on file now are asking for dna of the perpetrators to prove that the israeli’s were not involved – yeah sure they believe they will get the right ones from israel – have they gone even more gaga the dubaians?  So does that mean that dubai is Jamus Bondus and will get the perpetrators of the crime or at least destroy a large part of their organisation?  Dubai will not change – israeli’s will of course enter and hide the fact they are israelis and continue their assassinations until someone stops them in their tracks.

More Palestinians were shot and abused at the Al Aqsa masjid when the israeli’s entered and shot rubber bullets and tear gas as the worshippers after their friday prayers.  This as usual is just a pretext to bully the Palestinians into fighting them so that they can cry to the world that they are being attacked and it is anti-semitic blah blah blah – as anti-semitic as some declaring that a banana looks and tastes like a carrot.  Israel has not respect for religious sites and are behind the religious site bombings in Iraq and other countries.   Israel have now stolen several muslim religious holy sites declaring that they are their inheritance yeah sure right just another land grab.  the Al Aqsa masjid they want to break up and rebuild which of course = land grab.

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