eco smeco - we spit on your face and know pigs can fly, healthy americans

so how is glasgow these splendid days – sunny,  cold and rain hurray great for the garden. Chickpeas are growing and have planted Okra for sale – the flowers are really beautiful but only open in the morning till midday.  Will plant black chilli peppers and yellow ones plus white aubergine – let’s hope they sell well.  The harsh winter almost killed the bay tree and the small rosemary plants did not survive – will make more cuttings soon.

Horse meat can now be bought at the L’Escargot Bleu in Edinburgh being the first one to sell horse meat in the UK but is brought in from France – wonder how long that will last before some kind of protest starts.  At least it is not monkey meat or crocodile yeuch.

Glasgow Housing Association are building 4 eco homes which will be finished in May and tested before more are built.  What is so special you wonder well they are eco friendly and the fuel bill will be only £100 per annum cos many of their tenants are fuel poor so this is a great advance forward as fuel costs rise and more and more cannot afford to heat their houses nor have hot food as it is too expensive.  These are three bedroom semi detached houses, are highly insulated and use solar energy and will be built as social housing.  Eco smeco is on it’s way hurray.

the health bill has been passed in America finally – they are an anomoly as it is the only country with no health care for the very poor who cannot afford it.  I was puzzled at a silly man on tv who said that americans, he was one, are libertines and do not like the government to tell them what to do.  Hold on does that mean america is an anarchic country full of chaos cos no one likes being told what to do?  What a country!  so does that mean also that there is no law and order cos god forbid the government may have had a hand in it? Dangerous country to go to.  Or does it mean that the people are so docile that no law and order is needed cos they just simply follow the government without knowingly doing so? or what?

Well after spitting on the faces of america the israeli’s are once again at their prime – killing and maiming innocents and claiming they are being hard done by anti-semites.  Dear old israel crying wolf no longer works the world is watching your antics and becoming sicker and sicker of the lies and aggression and false accusations just to get sympathy.  And the americans they kiss your feet no matter how much they are spied on, spat on, cursed and who knows what else are done slyly and spyingly against the americans who still kiss the feet of the israelis = listen to clinton’s speech at aipac today – truly ‘we speak with forked tongue’ speech.  days before they are mad now it is all kissy kissy we will of course give you more money, which would actually be more useful to use to help our american people in this recession,  and more weapons because you continually cry wolf and are alone in a poor poor world though you do have such heavy industry and money coming in from it such as dell etc.  dont you feel sorry for them – well actually nah cos they are an apartheid nation.  Nothing will change here until the world realises that they are being hoodwinked and start sending in super nanny to the rescue.  There is as much change happening here between usa and israel as pigs can fly.

More Palestinians have been killed by live ammunition from the Israeli’s and today an Israeli solder was killed by friendly fire.  Join the army and your friends and own comrades will shoot you to death never mind about the enemy.

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