1,000 days of blockade

what a beautiful sunny day – planted the chickpea seeds today – black and normal ones in the greenhouse.  Still too icy cold to plant outside.  Next weekend or later in the week hopefully will plant more seeds.  The slugs are out i can see their slimy shiny trails all over – thought it was too cold for them.  Will not plant any plants outside until maybe mid april as it may turn cold again suddenly.  But this winter has been great lots of cold and snow and sun compared to rain for all of last summer.

a new website called www.bigonglasgow.com has been launched looks interesting have not tried it out yet though time will tell.

Today marks the 1,000th day of blockade of Gaza by Israel and it’s buddy Egypt in acquiesence with the USA, Europe and the rest of the world including the arab world who are weaklings and corrupt.  My heart goes out to the Gazans and pray that they and the Palestinians in the West Bank have peace soon and can live normal lives just like everyone in the world wants for themselves but is denied these poor souls.  Not only that but the insults it gives its friend shows that the americans must all be like bush stupid or gullible or maybe too like israel that they cannot see that no matter what israel does – spy on the americans, insult them publically, bomb them as in the american ship bombed by the israelis in the mediteranean – they will always be forgiven.  when will the americans realise that their friend is their enemy not friend cos friends dont do what they do to friends only to enemies.  Maybe it is the ‘enemy within’  Netanayu said that he ‘knows how to handle the situation with the americans’ – oh  yes by more cons and lies and sweet nothings so they can once more be forgiven – kiss kiss kiss – maybe a wee glasgow kiss may do them good.

BA is going on strike – eeks and it is not even the summer.

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