wasn't us guv honest

Well Glasgow has had beautiful sunny weather this week – cold but what’s a bit of sub zero temperature between days when the sun is out.  Another week and the gardening will start for earnest.

Hurray for Eurosport for showing the winter olympics live – my favourite sport the winter sport.  Where is Eddie the Eagle now?  Unfortunately the brits will always be seen as Eddie the Eagle – well i do which is why i really love the winter olympics he he he.

what us guv’nor? no we’re too morally correct to engage in such activities.  Looks too messy must have been our enemies have you looked at hezbollah or hamas how about iran?  What our own countrymen had their passports cloned not us guv must have been cloned by the enemy when they travelled last or stolen from our records or the british passport office records to blame us – the most democratic and morally correct country in the middle east.  One assassination,  several outings and more to come apparently – european passports, american credit cards, austrian mobiles and diplomatic passports.  So this is how the spy agencies work very much like and yet not so sophisticated as the books of le carre.  Seems also the same people were following the the hamas man when he was in dubai in january.  Why dubai do you wonder well i suppose it is because as most of the world knew and definitely know now dubai and the arab countries do not like palestinians hence why no viable peace has really been taken seriously because without backers who are serious nothing can be done.  then the american credit cards – if obamara was serious about peace then he would insist on a full investigation and haul in the israeli ambassador – but like all those before him he does not dare annoy the israeli lobby – ah so sad that – personally instead of being scared of these bad people he should be honest and morally correct and do the right thing.  The Brits, irish, French and Germans also should be strong and correct not as the israeli’s have so arrogantly said that no one will challenge them as the atmosphere is ‘war on terror’ so they are safe.  such arrogance. Now the French are saying that Palestine should be recognised as a country – finally some sense coming from somewhere but where will this lead – anywhere or as usual just a false positive.  We await events and further revelations of the dark murky world of espionage – me sees a dark comedy unfolding.

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