drip away your germs, princess royal seal, more damn lies

so here is the event – man has drippy nose, stops car and blows but is fined for doing so?  what is the world going mad?  so it is better and safer to drip away your germs all over the wheel making it slimy and wet rather than to stop the car and blow?

not only that but the princess royal hospital here in glasgow has lost it’s unicef seal of approval for promoting breast feeding.  Have unicef gone mad this  you expect from companies like nestle who encourage women in third world countries to buy baby milk rather than breastfeed, even if they cannot afford it, with enticing prizes.  Shame on you Nestle.

ah alistair campbell those lies and more damn lies – so when did he lie and when did he tell the truth – anyone know ?  And yes  Mr Campbell we the public still care about knowing the truth about the illegal war your buddy Bliar took us into.  Ah the lies by the guest invitees are slowly unravelling like a wee wool jumper not knotted securely.

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