clare oh clare - good old fashioned honesty

snow early this morning but it did not last long before turning into sleet.

guess what edinburgh has a commuter flasher – the police are looking for him – eeks surprised his wee bit does not get a chill in this cold weather.

There’s an east european gang of muggers in the south side of glasgow – snatching handbags especially elderly women’s handbags.  Let’s hope they are caught quickly it is alarming and distressing at any age being mugged but especially so for the 90 and 80 year olds who are being mugged.

So today was the day of clare short – clare oh clare thank you for your good old fashioned honesty – well personally am glad she said our ex democratic dictator is a liar in her own words of course he he – but some of the reactions about her performance have been dissing her.  That is sad unfortunately as so much political haggling, obfuscating and hiding has gone on that to hear the truth hurts to some – so get over it the telegraph and labour and conservative warmongers and take it on the chin and admit you were wrong and you lied and misled us thinking we the public were idiots.  She should of course have resigned at the same time as robin cook but hey ho that is now history, but at least she did give an interesting and useful insight into what we all suspected was going on and did not have the ‘said’ truth.  Good on you clare short for showing us good old fashioned honesty in politics and for showing up the lies of goldsmith and our eDD blair and alistair campbell at the chilcot inquiry.   She even received a good old fashioned applause at the end of the day from the audience.

once again Gaza has been bombed by the evil Israeli warplanes.  Who do they think they are kidding by saying they have reprimanded three of their soldiers for the phosperous bombing.  Hoodwinking the world is all it is – deception and lies

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