wasn't us guv honest

Hurray for Eurosport for showing the winter olympics live – my favourite sport the winter sport. Where is Eddie the Eagle now? Unfortunately the brits will always be seen as Eddie the Eagle – well i do which is why i really love the winter olympics he he he. […]

foolish or not? lying bankers again on chip and pins, sir walter scott grant, racists

well was nicola sturgeon foolish when she helped that man who turned out to be a conman? personally i dont care cos i like snp and nicola sturgeon and why cos she was doing her duty as a councillor helping her constitutents and to me that is more important and real and honest than all those others who once elected only do it for their own political gain rather than helping those who voted for them or who are in their constituency. […]

amphibious bus, toyota, cadbury

remember a few weeks ago i wrote that the renfrew ferry was being discontinued but guess what we are going to get an amphibious bus – woo hooo – this is really exciting to replace the ferry. So much better but how long will it last? how safe is it compared to an old fashioned […]

drip away your germs, princess royal seal, more damn lies

not only that but the princess royal hospital here in glasgow has lost it’s unicef seal of approval for promoting breast feeding. Have unicef gone mad this you expect from companies like nestle who encourage women in third world countries to buy baby milk rather than breastfeed, even if they cannot afford it, with enticing prizes. Shame on you Nestle. […]

snow, new virology centre, racism

it should be glasgow the dear white place – it is all white here but supposed to be gone by morning cos of rain later on tonight. Went to see my accountant today and signed off the accounts.

the medical research council will be investing £28m in virology research – this will fund a new […]