we're out of recession?

Rab C Nesbit is back – hip hip hurray for the stringy vest and patter.

£500,000 of lottery cash will go to a project in the south west of glasgow to guide youth away from gang culture – Youthpoint which is  run by children’s charity Aberlour, uses a street-based approach to tackle crime, violence, alcohol and drug dependency.  Too many children here in Glasgow go into drugs and crime.  Good use of lottery money definitely,

Coatbridge in the news again – no not fish and chips this time arms found behind the local library eeks from the sublime to the dangerous.

officially we are supposed to have barely crawled out of recession like  thirsty man found in a desert and who can only sip in small doses.  Personally i sure as heck don’t believe mandi – only when i see business picking up and less and less people unemployed will i believe it but presently definitely not.  So who are they kidding?

so where is hans blitz – why has he not been called to the chilcot enquiry?  Truth too hard to bear methinks?  Of course Conservatives dont want it why cos they voted for war neither do labour cos they voted for war and went into it wholeheartedly.  How is chilcot independent ?  erm not – were they not apppointed by the government so in effect unless they do something or ask tough and important unpalatable questions to both main parties and are tough with the rest of the war criminals they are just following their master’s orders and being the fall guys or should we say patsies for years to come.  So was it or not legal the war?  what are they hiding that dr kelly’s report will not come out for 70 years – yeah by that time they will have died or retired so cannot be prosecuted.

Saab will have a new owner a dutch firm called spyker – wonder how this will effect saab cars.

Belgian MP Michel was refused entry into Gaza – Israel’s pretext that it would empower Hamas – yeah sure.  the peres says that the reason why there is no palestinian state is because of iran – yeah sure.  so much hot air arising.

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