The wall of shame

beautiful but cold sunny day -4 this morning and at 1400 today it was -2 then within half an hour -2 but the clouds are back so could be more snow on the way.   Definitely Glasgow the dear White Place at the moment with hints of green from the firs and other evergreens popping out.  Will turn over some more of the garden to expose the slug and snail eggs.

Some poor woman who went shopping for a turkey to Inverness by car, boat and then bus has been stranded because of the snow from returning the 11 miles to her home.   The woman and her husband live in the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage at Cape Wrath, on Scotland’s north western tip.  They think there may be rain today for her to return home.  That is so sad as she had to live in a friends caravan for christmas and new year.  Let’s hope they are reunited soon but look at the positive side she has her christmas presents to look forward to.

Wildfowl hunting ban Scotland-wide because of the big freeze – how many people actually go hunting in this day and age here?  Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) advised that the severe weather is having an adverse effect on all wild birds and on ducks and geese in particular

Girder gordie is planning a meeting about Yemen states the bleeding obvious that Yemen is a problem – yes we know that.

Egypt is building a wall of steel along its border of Gaza – shame on you Egypt.  Those poor people of Gaza will be slowly starved to death whilst you and your people and the rest of the world will be living comfortably, well treated and full bellies watching the slow death of a million people in front of their eyes of starvation.   Egypt’s their reasoning it is a defence against threats to national security? Yeah right.  You mean your ‘willy’ has ordered you to do it with their best friend across the pond providing the engineering aid.  Shame on America for allowing this to happen – there are a lot of really wonderful people in America time they took a stand and stopped this insanity instead of sitting on their a**** and getting fat.  Use their energy to do some good and stop a nation being starved slowly to death because another country wants to steal the land they are on and steal the rights of gaz found offshore.

The world should be ashamed of themselves by allowing a wall of shame to be built – who are they trying to kid – it will not keep people silent nor will it make them go on their knees begging for release but make them stronger and much better people than we are for their stoicness, hardiness and moral correctness.

We should all hang our heads in shame for doing nothing.

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