rbs will be selling not only 300 branches but also the clients who have acounts there will no longer be rbs but the new owner’s new accounts.  Hope they are better, though so far hbos bank so far is crap cos they closed my uncles account in 2006 and money has been going into that account since then but they did not say it had been closed until he asked for some money to buy some property and guess what they admit they made a mistake but refuse to open up his account.  HBOS are crap the worst bank so far.  though i think a lot of it is racist in behaviour cos they wouldn’t act like that to others we noticed and also  cos when we go to the bank they are rude to my mum, refuse to give her a copy of her statement – whan asked why the bank manager says no reason cos they dont want to (my mum is 79) – they fob off the family when they enquire about the mess made of my uncle’s bank account and now we discover money has gone missing from my mum’s account.  HBOS you are the worst bank in the world.  Unless anyone knows better?

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