printers, snow business and gaza seige

Crispy cold morning did not even notice as am still trying to get the laptop and printer to recognise each other after six hours last night changing various settings managed to get the laptop to see the printer using the administration but it still wont print from documents or see the printer aaargghhhh – dont you just love printers and laptops when they see each other and yet dont.  Not sure what to do will need to do some research today to see what is going on. Neither wireless nor usb works.

Well the gritters are out i see on the roads apparently somewhere up remote local people had offered to grit, using old grit, their wee village but the council refused cos they said the grit was contaminated but they would use it instead?  it is either contaminated or it isn’t and they are truly stupid not to take the help of the locals companies and people.  Arrogance.  Supposed to be the coldest winter in 50 years in Scotland.  There is no public transport from inverness to aviemore trains have all been cancelled and the road is blocked for cars with snow – only way is to ski there or huskies – do we have huskies here dont think so could be good idea to rent some from Canada?  Nordic countries apparently are even colder with -40 recorded eeeks.  -23 temp you need to wear gloves cos if you touch anything you can get burnt as your skin sticks to the cold surface and thus you get a terrible burn just like you would if you were burnt by fire.  Just saw over 8,000 homes have been cut off electricity down south in ?england and the temperatue is officially -9 in Glasgow just now.

What it is taking passengers 5 hours to get off their flight when they land cos of the snow – what do they need to plough their way out with their bread rolls?

Well the pubs are running dry of their alcohol – good as i dont drink doesnt bother me but too many abuse it so a few dry days will do people good surely – think of it this way their liver will have time to revive.

The peace activists have arrived in Gaza including a holocaust survivor but they only have 48 hours to be there and then have to leave or the Egyptians will beat them up again.  The holocaust survivor is now considered a terrorist in Israel !  Many got beaten up badly by the evil Egyptians on the say so of their ‘willy’ Israel of course – reminds me so much of the Bush-Blair relationship.  The other peace activists are still in Cairo – beaten up and barred in their hotels.


Israel will start issuing gas masks to all its citizens – seems they are planning more war in June this year.  Otherwise why does a nation give all their citizens gas masks ?  So are preparing their people.  So does this mean that they will attack Iran round about then or Gaza or Lebanon as they have developed a new anti-missile system and need to test it of course.

Whilst the world is concentrating on the weather and yemen Israel today has sent in their tanks and this evening bombed Gaza in several places.  They do not want peace only land – time the world took a stance against these atrocities.  Please dont give us the old chestnut ‘ but they sent us a firecracker which broke our buildings and we are living in terror’ yeah my ar** dont pretend to be the wounded party it doesn’t give you credence anymore.  The world is watching.

So why is it that recent American governments refuse to call Israel’s ‘bluff and give them ‘tough love’ – is it because they have been bought ?  Obamara make a stance and do not back down if there is to be peace in the Middle East or maybe that is not what you want?

Hurray for Goldstone’s report.

BOYCOTT ISRAEL.  Lobby your governments.

Tomorrow they will decide on the bonspiel at Lake Menteith – and if they do go ahead it will be early next week.  So let’s hope that the ice is 7 inches there when they go and test it.

Where did the EU Parliament get their body scanners from cos apparently they have six up for sale?  So did they get a bargain like buy two get two free kind of thing then suddenly realise they had too much so stored them for when the price goes up and sell them?  Or where they the extra just in case the first ones went awry?  or maybe they need the space where they are stored who knows.  But who the heck has extra of these as they are quite expensive especially six?

Finally after so long the OFT are investigating bus company abuses – i called them to complain last year and their response was nothing to do with us speak to the local councils etc.  Now they are investigating after so many wee independent buses have been pushed out of business by the First Bus then the First Bus company stops their service as it is not viable for them to run it?  How come it was viable for the wee independent bus who provided a service but not the bigger one?  Time this sort of abuse was stopped.

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